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Porland brings porcelain to life, with beautiful mugs, cutlery, candles, vases, linen, frames and everything in-between.

Porland is the first domestic porcelain manufacturer to produce the first coloured porcelain of Turkey, and they’ve been around for over 40 years.

Founded in 1992, Porland is regarded as a respectable, innovative brand amongst both domestic and foreign markets, offering everything from beautiful mugs and decanters, to vases and pillow covers. With the option to purchase Porland products both as a set or by piece, you have the option to customise and create your own set if you want something specific.

With their elegant and distinctive design, Porland offers products that are both high-quality and aesthetically pleasing. They are proud to be known as a brand who are ahead of their time.

Their items are perfect for people who enjoy elegant, sophisticated products. All of their collections are so varied and unique, making their products great for gift-giving! They ensure that they reflect every fine detail from design to production with their advanced technology, offering a huge range of colours and patterns to customers.

Bookblock Favourite

Cosmos Mug Coral

My Cosmos mug is my favourite to drink from! I love the pattern, print and colours and it's so unique. Love buying these gifts for friends.


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