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Set in the heart of the French countryside, Comptoir du Cacao make stunning single-origin, pure cacao butter chocolates in unique and new flavours following the artisan tradition of the great chocolate masters.

A truly stunning family-run artisan chocolate factory, Comptoir du Cacao is a brand we’ve loved and enjoyed since we discovered them.

Comptoir du Cacao makes fine, single-origin pure cacao butter chocolates in unique flavours, following the artisan tradition of the great chocolate masters.

In the early 1990s, the Desmartins family discovered a passion: the artisan manufacturing of chocolate. They made the decision to create their first chocolate atelier at L’Anche, and so, Comptoir du Cacao was born. To this day, it’s still family run with all of the family involved in the company. Set in the heart of the French countryside, they’re one of our go-tos when we want to enjoy real one-of-a-kind chocolate of the highest quality. To them, it’s so important to choose the noblest, raw materials as ingredients for their recipes from the best artisan French producers.

Their 72% dark chocolate, made by Gaston Lenôtre and transformed in Meulan, France, has a powerful roasted cacao flavour held by an intense bitterness. Their 36% milk chocolate has an intensely milky taste and strong cacao flavour, making it the perfect chocolate for their bonbon recipes.

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Chocolate Assortment Gift Box 130g

I absolutely love this gift box by Comptoir du Cacao. Everyone I've gifted this to says the same thing which is that it's delicious. There's something for everyone, with a generous mix of milk and dark chocolates to enjoy. My personal favourite? The hazelnut pralines!


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