Corporate Gift Guide

Guides on how to gift for internal and external events throughout the year

Internal Gifts

Gifts for your staff and company events

Onboarding Gifts

Say a big first hello to new staff with an information pack and gift box

End of Year Gifts

Financial, Tax or Julian year end – give your team a treat

Milestone Gifts

Whether a birthday, anniversary or retirement – it’s worth celebrating

Conference Gifts

Prep delegates at the start of your talks or provide a memorable takeaway

Product Launches

Big announcements are best made with custom packaging and content

Membership Welcome Gifts

Treat new members to a gift box upon sign-up and let them know you care

External Gifts

Keep clients happy and customers coming back

Conference Welcome Gifts

Provide samples from exhibitors or materials for use during the event

Client Thank You Gifts

Show your appreciation with a branded and personalised gift box

Sales Kit Gifts

What better way to bring in leads and conversions than with a sample gift box

Press Mailer Gifts

Perfect for press announcements, these are designed to fit through the letterbox

Event Gifting

No event is complete without a gift or souvenir to take home

VIP Outreach Gifts

Make bloggers and influencers take notice of your brand with these packs

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