Our Autumn Gift Box; Essentials This Season

As we enter October and start getting all of our Halloween goodies out of the cupboards, we're ready to start getting cosy. Here are our favourite products for an autumn Gift Box, packed with all of the essentials.

With summer officially over, it’s time to put away the swimsuits and SPF, and get ready for candles and all things cosy as the season changes with an autumn gift box. Soon, the clocks go back which means we get an extra hour of rest but darker evenings. It indicates that winter is well and truly on the way and it’s time to start prepare for the colder weather. We’ve put together a list of things to stock up this autumn, including a candle, chocolate and natural skincare.

Jones The Bones Muscle and Joint Oil by Bathing Beauty Natural Skincare

Autumn Gift Box Joint Oil

Made with a lovely blend of Wild Hypericum, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and Marjoram, this award-winning, 100% natural muscle massage oil is a big favourite of ours. Handmade with ingredients well renowned for their healing and anti-inflammatory purposes, this Muscle and Joint Oil works to calm and soothe. Reducing muscle spasms and stimulating blood flow, it’s effective for everyone from athletes to office workers. For those with arthritis or sore muscles, this is an effective therapeutic oil to help during the colder months. Add this to your autumn gift box.

Viagem Candle by Earl of East

Autumn Gift Box Candle

With so many scents to choose from, Earl of East candles are ideal for colder months with a 24-hour burn life. Earl of East  are a home fragrance brand, inspired by travel and made in London. Founded in 2015 by Niko and Paul, their line now includes seven signature scents in three different sizes to choose from. Coming from the Portuguese word for ‘journey’, viagem is inspired by the mellow city of Lisbon. Hand poured and made with a delicate combination of coconut, oregano and fig, it’s perfect for those looking to relax and unwind.

William Morris Thief Reusable Coffee Cup 14oz by eCoffee Cup

Autumn Gift Box Coffee

A must-have in the cold weather for an autumn gift box, we’re bringing this reusable cup by eCoffee Cup everywhere with us for our coffee and tea top-ups (and just to keep warm!) Inspired by legendary artist and eco-warrior William Morris, the classic, pretty design and modern functionality come together to make a beautiful, practical gift. The cup has a resealable drip-free lid and it’s dishwasher safe too, so this is perfect for eco-conscious friends.

Jones The Bones Bath Salts by Bathing Beauty Natural Skincare

Gift Box Bath Salts

Another one by Bathing Beauty Natural Skincare, the Jones the Bones Bath Salts are made with a beautiful blend of Epsom salts and essential oils, including lavender, rosemary and chamomile. Created by Osteopath George Jones, the salts help to ease stiff joints, soothe pains and achy muscles, and can also work to ease symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. The Bath Salts are 100% natural, and are powerful and effective so this is a great product to pop in an evening bath.

Cold Brew Coffee Dark Chocolate by Coco Chocolatier

Gift Box Chocolate

No cosy, autumn gift box is complete without chocolate, and this unique batch from Coco Chocolatier makes for a great gift. With it’s beautiful packaging and hints of blood orange and caramel (thanks to Bonanza beans from El Salvador!), this chocolate is getting us ready for autumn. Roasted coffee gives this single origin dark chocolate a powerful caffeine punch, guaranteed to help wake you up and give you that boost you need in the cold mornings.