Bookblock’s Guide to Christmas Treats To Make at Home

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a maker? It’s always nice to plan activities over the festive period and we have a great range of kits and mixes for you to try.

Whether you love the process of creating your masterpieces or the eating and drinking when completed, the main thing is having fun!


Scrumptious Mulled Wine

To begin, we’re starting with our Mulled Wine Infusion Kit. This is one of the best classic winter cocktails and a lovely, traditional drink to enjoy over Christmas.

Our Forty Liquors infusion jars have all the warming herbs and spices you need to make the perfect mulled wine. Plus, they’re made with all organic ingredients! This includes dehydrated lemon, stem ginger, dehydrated orange, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and Muscovado sugar. They all create that cosy aroma and familiar festive taste, perfect for any Christmas party or wintery night. 

Mulled Wine Infusion Kit with an elf and two presents in green and red for decoration Mulled Wine Infusion Kit

These wine making kits make such brilliant Christmas gift ideas and activities to do with your loved ones. They also look beautiful with the lovely glass jars and festive coloured text in a fun script font. The jars can also be reused once you’ve enjoyed your wine…maybe for more wine?


Spice Up Your Dishes

Our next making kit is more of a helping hand towards creating some delicious food. The Ultimate Rub Selection Box includes four mini boxes containing exquisite spice blends to use on a range of gorgeous dishes. Be it whole cauliflowers or slow cooked pork. 

Choose Memphis rub with its sweet and spicy blend, Tripoli rub for sour and fruity, Louisiana rub for bold and earthy, or Oxaca for a punch blend. What wonderful choices for a gift box! 

Ultimate Rub Selection with tinsel illustration in red and green for decorationThe Ultimate Rub Selection Box

Each of the four blends are accompanied with a short description and advice on how to make the most of the sensational spices. As selection boxes go, we love the experimental style as it’s the perfect gift idea for a foodie or anyone wanting to have a little more fun with their spice rack!


Tempting Tasty Risotto

If you’re someone who enjoys the eating part of making the most…we’re giving you this easy option!

Our Porcini Mushroom Risotto is a top seller from Sapori D’Italia’s vegetarian risotto range. It’s made with carnaroli rice and dried porcini mushrooms, which has created the perfect easy dinner to make. Not to mention it’s full of flavours and a whole lot of goodness! 

This lovely pack would make such a yummy meal over the Christmas period, especially if you’d like an easy mix to make after the previous experimental choices.

Porcini Mushroom Risotto with two mushrooms in red and green christmas hats and snowflakes for decorationPorcini Mushroom Risotto


Cheeky Chocolate Brownies

Anyone call for a vegan brownies delivery? We’ve got you covered, you just need to make them first! Treat your taste buds to deliciously gooey chocolate brownies with our Organic Brownie Mix. Just add your choice of vegan milk, oil and syrup to create up to 12 scrumptious brownies. They are a brilliant treat to enjoy, either as Christmas nibbles or the ideal vegan Christmas desserts.

Organic Brownie Mix baked with brownies, chocolate powder footprints and a hiding santa for decorationOrganic Brownie Mix


Fluffiest Pancakes

Lastly, say good morning Christmas with our Organic Pancake Mix. Like our brownies, these are another perfect easy treat. Simply add your choice of vegan milk and whisk until smooth, then start your frying! Make up to eight fluffy pancakes to share (or not). They would make a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast idea for you and your loved ones.

Organic Pancake Mix with fresh pancakes and red and green elves hiding behind the mix box for decoration
Organic Pancake Mix

Peanut Butter Cookies

Are easy peasy recipes the way to your heart? Then this peanut butter cookie recipe is perfect. The recipe is available as part of our #PositivePost campaign, which combines pandemic-related illustrations and lots of useful activities and recipes. With only four ingredients, it’s hard to get it wrong, so just follow the instructions and enjoy! You can also share the recipe with others by sending it for free and leaving an optional donation for Action for Children.