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Made on the west coast of Sweden, L:A BRUKET is a natural and organic skincare range, encapsulating the philosophy that chemicals are not needed for innovative beauty, grooming or skincare products.

From the packaging to the story behind it, everything about L:A Bruket is innovative, beautiful and unique.

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Creator and co-founder Monica Kylen started L:A Bruket, with her husband Mats Johansson back in 2008. Launching the company from the basement of their home in Varberg, the brand was formed on the idea that chemicals aren’t needed to innovate skincare.

Their philosophy is that all of their products are all natural, non-toxic and organic. Made on the west coast of Sweden, the idea of the brand is strongly connected to the coastal conditions, and the idea that wind, mud, salt, rock, ice, sand, water and sun are continuously changing. Monica and Mats believe that Swedish nature isn’t something that we visit, but it’s something that simply comes to you whenever you step outside.

Our skin and hair get weathered and can get worn down in these harsh conditions, but L:A Bruket opts to turn to nature for inspiration and answers, rather than hide from it. Since they launched the company over 10 years ago, they’ve been developing natural formulas to protect and nurture skin and hair. Because they’ve created each and every product with this in mind, each product from L:A Bruket is effective, even under harsh, unforgiving weather conditions. It means that they’ll be of a quality more than capable to meet the demands of every situation or place.

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No 125 Bergamott/Patchouli Body Butter

The No 125 Bergamott/Patchouli Body Butter has been one of my favourite products for over a year and I'm so glad I found it! It keeps my skin so soft and nourished because of ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Plus, it's made with natural and organic ingredients, and it's perfect for helping stressed skin.


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