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Expertly mixed premium cocktails and infused spirits for consumers with good taste.

Each Forty Liquors premium cocktail is carefully considered by expert mixologists and bottled with care, to make sure your at-home cocktail evening lives up to any cocktail bar. This modern twist on the timeless Italian classic contains London Dry Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Grapefruit. Finish off with a twist of lemon and the world is your oyster!

Forty Liquors’ ingenious range of spritz envelopes allow you to enjoy classic favourites such as a Zesty Gin Fizz as well as discovering new exciting flavours, such as Planteurs Punch in their Martinique Spritz from wherever you fancy! Each envelope contains a beautiful base for a cocktail for one; just add soda or Prosecco as instructed to finish it off.

Send a few out to a group of friends and enjoy a cocktail (or two) together, even if you’re apart.

Bookblock Favourite

Queens Martini 20cl

Incredibly tasty! Its got the perfect balance of crispy freshness, a good hint of zing but a delicate twist of sweet. One of the nicest pre-made cocktails I've had in a long time. If you like a French 75, then this is definitely one to try.


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