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Capturing the fragrance of an english countryside, Fikkerts, a UK based and family-run business, have been producing naturally herbal and botanical products for over a hundred years.

Fikkerts products are easily recognisable – their exquisite packages, imaginative design and attention to detail are key reasons why Fikkerts stands out amongst the crowd.

They source the very best natural ingredients from all over the world, and formulate the finished products in their own factory in England. A brand with an interesting beginning, over 100 years ago, this family-run business were originally known as the Chemist & Allied Trading Company, and then evolved to create the bath, body and beauty products that Fikkerts is now associated with.

The naturally herbal and botanical products they create are must-haves if you’re looking to unwind and relax. For example, their Ultra Relax Massage Oil is made with the wisdom of traditional herbalists and the knowledge of modern aromatherapy to create an oil that provides genuine skincare benefits. Similarly, the Warming Muscle Rub contains essential oils that have been blended together with natural moisturisers to create a non-oily rub, ideal for a warming massage.

For all of your aches, pains and de-stressing needs, they have a huge array of products for anyone who enjoys a bit of pampering.

Bookblock Favourite

Bluebell Bath Essence

A life-changer. After suffering with backaches for years, I have tried tons of bath and massage oils. This is one of my favourites. It smells incredible, but more importantly, as soon as the oil hits the water it creates an amazing milky texture and leaves me feeling so relaxed and mellow every time.


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