Brand Spotlight: Minois Paris

A gift for both mum and baby, Minois Paris is a natural care range for babies and kids, specialising in baby toiletries and made in France.

All of the ingredients in Minois Paris products are of natural origin and made to the highest standards, and although specially formulated for little ones, their products can be used by adults. The smell and lovely formula make the products the perfect gift for mums-to-be or new mums.

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They’re free from parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicone and colourings, so they respect the PH balance of little ones’ delicate skin. The formulas are so gentle that they can be used from birth onwards, and the products are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Founder Hélène Fulchi had always had children in mind when thinking of the brand she wanted to create and says:

“For a while, I’d had the idea of creating a treatment brand designed for little ones of flawless quality, with an attractive brand identity.”

She’d always been interested in creating a range of products for babies and children adapted to their skin. But, it was when her daughter Paz was born that Hélène was really inspired to kickstart her exciting new brand. “Like all mums, I felt a great sense of responsibility. I was going to have to take care of her. So I decided to create Minois Paris.” Her initial goal was clear: to offer safe and reliable products that were simple to identify and use. She wanted all products to be wrapped up in attractive packaging and be visually appealing, aimed at mums who want to pay special attention to the products they choose for their children.

One of our favourite things about the brand (other than the incredible story behind it and beautiful packaging!) is the smell and lovely formula of the products. Here’s why we’re big lovers of Minois Paris products:

Minois Light Water on Bookblock shop

Light Water
This dermatologically tested product is light yet effective. The natural, alcohol-free water is delicately perfumed, and has a fresh fragrance with floral and mineral notes. It’s used to refresh, soften and soothe the skin, and can be used on both skin and hair daily. To use, gently shake the bottle and spray liberally.

Minois Soothing Milk on Bookblock shop

Soothing Milk
The Soothing Milk by Minois Paris is a creamy lotion that delicately cleanses all facial impurities, without harming the skin. The natural formula used to create the milk contains organic blossom water, organic honey, organic shea butter, organic sweet almond oil and organic calendula, so using this leaves skin feeling clean, soft and supple. Use daily and gently apply the cleansing lotion to the entire face using a cotton pad (no need to rinse), for moisturising results.

Minois Genlte Cream on Bookblock shop

Gentle Cream
This moisturising cream is made for both face and body, and contains a mix of organic ingredients like organic shea butter and organic sweet almond oil with softening and smoothing properties. The natural formula of the Gentle Cream nourishes, protects and comforts the delicate skin of both babies and older children. Use it by warming a small amount of cream between your hands and then gently applying to the face and body.