Brand Spotlight: Teministeriet

One of our favourites for tea is Teministeriet - not your usual tea company, this specialty company from Malmö, Sweden are all about creating unique flavours and ranges.

With roots from the island of Formosa, Teministeriet combines age-old tea traditions from the Far East with Scandinavian minimalism, design and flair. For them, tea isn’t just a hot drink to enjoy with breakfast – it’s their way of life, and they pride themselves on being expert tea makers.

Translating in Scandinavian as ‘The Ministry of Tea’, co-founder Kathryn Brown says, “My dream was to take everything I’ve learned about tea while growing up in Taiwan and recreate it with the flavours and design aesthetics of Scandinavia where I now live and love.” In October 2015, the Teministeriet journey started and the first signature tea was produced. Then, in April 2016, the Ayurveda collection was created with 12 blends, inspired by the 5,000 year old Ayurveda principles. Later that year in August, the brand started getting their first samples for Supertea, an organic sachet collection inspired by Superfoods.

So, what’s special and unique about Teministeriet, and why do they stand out?

They create premium tea products from their tea lab in Sweden and use familiar fragrances like elderflower and champagne, or White Mulberry to create specific teas that are a reflection of their multicultural inspiration. Plus, each and every tea is made from 100% natural ingredients. There’s something special about a good cup of tea, and so many different benefits, so we’re currently enjoying the Ayurveda holistic care range by Teministeriet. Each tea has a specific purpose and really makes a difference. With beautiful packaging and scents, they’re the ideal go-to for all of your tea needs.

First, pick your tea…

Relax Holistic Care Tea
The Relax tea from Teministeriet is blended from peppermint, clovers and liquorice root, with herby notes of parsley and lemongrass. It’s perfect for unwinding.

Digest Holistic Care Tea
A rich, aromatic tea, what sets the Digest blend apart are the woody flavours from fennel and star anise, with added benefits of blackberry and peppermint leaves.

Boost Holistic Care Tea
The Boost tea is fresh and naturally energising. It’s made from organic green tea, and has fruity notes of pineapple and lemon peel with a hit of chilli. It’s the perfect option to give you that added boost of energy.

Sleep Holistic Care Tea
To get a good night’s rest, this caffeine free Sleep tea will ease you into a lovely sleep. It’s made from a blend of rooibos and chamomile tea with calming notes of lemon balm, liquorice root and marigold blossoms.

The best tea deserves the best kit so it’s only fitting that Teministeriet also create the things you’ll need to go with a good cup of tea. Once you’ve got your tea of choice, the next step is to pick your essentials like a glass tea maker and clip spoon.

Glass tea maker Teministeriet on Bookblock

Glass Tea Maker
This stylish glass tea maker lets you steep your brew to the perfect strength. Pair it with one of the loose leaf teas for the ultimate tea maker’s gift box.

Clip Spoon
Available in either gold or copper, the clip spoon from Teministeriet has the perfect blend of form and function, and doubles up as a measure. It’s a stylish addition to any barista’s arsenal and it’s great for keeping ground coffee and tea leaves fresh too.