Gift Box 1


  • Pimlico Diary
    • A5 Full Bound 2019 weekly diary
  • Pimlico Bucket List & Notes
    • Saddle stitched pocket notebook & bucket list
  • Glass Candle
    • ALSKA soy wax candle with natural fragrances
  • Choco Choquito
    • White chocolate & raspberry covered quince
  • Umu Herbal Tea
    • Roasted Burdock Tea made in Japan
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Gift Box 2


  • Pocket Notes x 2
    • Carmel patterned pocket notebooks
  • Carmel Weekly Diary
    • A5 Full Bound 2019 weekly diary
  • Coco Chocolatier
    • Artisan chocolate made in Edinburgh
  • KOKU Soap
    • Hand made, cold pressed olive oil soap
  • Porland Bowl
    • Gold edged ceramic jewellery bowl
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Gift Box 3


  • Caramelised Pecan Choclate
    • 90g artisan bar from Comptoir du Cacao
  • Ceramic Candle
    • Soy wax candle with natural fragrances
  • Blue Weskin
    • A5 gilt edged cloth bound notebook
  • Mazet Pralines
    • Roasted caramelized almonds
  • Graphic Notes
    • GF Smith saddle stitched pocket notebook
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