Meet the Maker – Paul Blow

We’re super excited that Bookblock Editions’ latest collaboration is with Dorset based illustrator Paul Blow. You’ll definitely have seen his work before, either on TFL posters on the underground or gracing the pages of The Guardian, if not in a myriad of other publications, restaurants and websites. Graduating from Maidstone College of Art in 1992, and continuing on to complete an MA in Narrative Illustration in 1994, Paul has over 18 years of experience working as an illustrator.

Paul’s designs are full of charm and wit, creating a sense of narrative that pulls us deep into private worlds through mysterious characters, mesmerising landscapes or both. He cites his influences as David Shrigley, James Turrell and Erik Kessels, and this makes perfect sense when you look at the combination of intriguing humour, dramatic light and often small but poignant human elements. Colour is also key in all of Paul’s designs, the selective choice of hues only adding to the mysterious atmosphere.

Paul’s 4 Bookblock Editions notebook designs are available now in the shop,, for £15 a piece. A perfect way to add some mystery to your everyday.