Forty Liquors Guide to Home Cocktails

This past couple of years we've all had to get creative when we come to fancying a tipple. Thankfully, Forty Liquors have prepped us with their guide to home cocktails. Who needs the pubs anyway?

With pub doors across the country firmly shut for a lot of this past year, we’ve all had to get creative when it comes to fancying a tipple. Thankfully, there are some brands out there that do all the trying and testing for you. Forty Liquors is one such brand. Knowing mixers and flavours like the back of their hand, to help get you off on the right path they’ve prepped the Forty Liquors Guide to Home Cocktails!

To kick things off we’ve got the Forty Liquor’s Spritzes to whet your appetite. Perfectly parcelled into convenient on the go travel pockets, these little wonders mean you don’t have to worry about a thing. To enjoy, simply fill a wine glass with ice, pinch the corner of the sachet to tear, and pour into the glass. All that’s left to do is top up with your choice of Soda or Prosecco! Plus with the release of Forty Liquors’ ‘Aperitivo Hour’ Spritz range, theres a flavour for everyone. From Alfonso’s Spritz Strawberry Sherry Cobbler, to London’s Calling Zesty Gin Fizz, these on the go cocktail mixes are ready if you are!

The London’s Calling Zesty Gin Fizz is a citrus forward spritz mellowed by Fino sherry. Designed to put a spring in your step, it is lifted by grapefruit zest and honey notes. A drink that packs a punch in a sleeve that’s equally as impactful and forward thinking, we think this spritz makes a great gift for any occasion. But if something more fruity is to your liking, why not try our Alfonso’s Spritz Strawberry Sherry Cobbler. A subtle fruity spritz inspired by Alfonso X111 King of Spain’s quest to make sherry fashionable in England, this delicious spritz is punctuated by dry sherry and herbaceous dill. Rounded off with French vermouth, this little firecracker is guaranteed to make you fall in love with Sherry, if you hadn’t already!

Next, we thoroughly recommend The Queen’s Martini. Inspired by the New York classic, this delicate martini has an abundance of class. Fit for royalty, Forty Liquors have smoothly blended London Dry Gin with orange blossom bitters and a subtle hint of Lillet Blanc with elderflower essence. Simply stir with ice and strain for a cocktail that’ll take you to the beating heart of the Big Apple. Cheers! And if something a little more fruity was on your mind, then we have just that. The Forty Liquors Summer Cup is based on a classic Pimm’s style drink. But this fruity, slightly bitter summer drink is a more elegant version of its better-known cousin. Great with soda, lemonade or sparkling water, poured over lots of ice and mint, heaven!

For those who like their drinks on the stronger side, there’s the ever exotic Grapefruit Negroni and the classic Maple Old Fashioned. Infamously Stanley Tucci’s drink of choice, it’s the Negroni. But we’re bringing it to you how you’ve never seen it before. Wonder what could happen when Turin meets Soho? The result, a Modern twist on this timeless classic. An incredible aperitif with carefully curated ingredients London Dry Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Grapefruit, this pocket rocket delivers elegance with a zesty kick. Simply add ice and stir, finishing with a slice of grapefruit. Salute! But what if a touch of Maple sounds more your medley? This modern take on an Old Fashioned is perfect for those who like to take their time. Master mixers Forty Liquors have jazzed up the combination of bourbon and bitters with a subtle hint of warming maple syrup and a touch of peat. The result is a cocktail that’s deep, smokey and incredibly smooth. Best served with cubed ice and a twist of orange peel, this taste of tradition will warm you up in all the right places!

To finish, we’ve got the Forty Liquors take on the iconic Pornstar Martini. Delicate and soft while maintaining all the associated sauciness, this blend carefully mixes Passionfruit, Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Pineapple Rum, Verjus and Champagne cordial. In a perfect on the go 20cl size, this little gem is primed for any occasion. With layers of sophistication and handfuls of fun, the Pornstar Martini is a staple of any good cocktail soirée. To that, we say chin chin!

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