VIP Outreach Gifts

One of the most effective methods for marketing outreach is the VIP outreach gift. Specially pieced together to provide a key personality with all the information they could ever need about your brand,

Most people would divide marketing into digital trends and direct mail. And although there might be some truth to that, these are the two sole divisions of the intricate and delicate process of marketing. In fact, there are more important tactics that people tend to overlook, and these include the more personal approach to marketing which does more than just drive sales.

Marketing outreach is a process that seeks out key personalities in the industry to reach a relevant audience and perhaps even establish more effective brand personality. This strategy brings marketing back to its roots, using a method of one on one connection with very important people within the industry circle.

One of the most effective methods for marketing outreach is the VIP outreach gift. Specially pieced together to provide a key personality with all the information they could ever need about your brand, these packages aim to establish a relationship between you and this major individual so that they can support your venture towards a more fruitful future.

The Contents of a VIP Outreach Package

Before determining what to put inside a VIP outreach gift, it pays to know who you’re gifting. For instance, if your brand operates in the beauty industry, then including prominent personalities, beauty gurus, and even online influencers in your list of potential VIPs can help further establish your brand. But not all of these personalities will bring you to your goal.

Each individual person will exude a unique character. And by sending them a VIP outreach package, you’re basically asking them to be an ambassador for your brand. Think twice about the right VIP for your venture. Choose a personality who exudes the kind of aura or brand character you’re trying to aim for, and then decide what to put in your box.

Tossing in some of your best products can make it easier for this individual to truly appreciate what you bring to the table. Don’t skimp out – putting your best foot forward and pampering your VIP with your most highly coveted products can make them feel more willing to share your name with their eager audience.

Aside from the products themselves, add in a few informational pamphlets to discuss what each product is for and what makes it special. A separate card that gives some of the most important details about your brand should also find a place among the items in the box.

Presentation Worthy of Royalty

Marketing outreach can be tricky because of the fact that you’re trying to appeal to a key personality with a lot of traction in your industry. So, your objective would be to capture their attention and retain it with premium products all contained in a beautiful box that they won’t be able to resist. That said, you might say that the appeal of a VIP outreach box starts on the outside.

Avoid cheap materials that might betray the quality of your products. Aim for packaging that reflects the kind of premium quality your brand is trying to exude, and make sure the packaging creates a gift that’s worthy of your VIP’s time, attention and recommendation. Customized boxes with satin ribbons, plush interiors with lots of playful textures and colours, and organized product placement that tells a story all contribute to the visual and tactile satisfaction of unravelling your gift.

As a general rule, you should want to produce something that would find a rightful place on your VIP’s main channel of communication. The real win happens when this key individual uses their reputable voice to speak highly about your brand, leaving a positive impression on their audience which is likely a very relevant, targeted market for your brand.

These days, social media is the ultimate platform, connecting some of the most high-profile personalities directly with their fans and followers. By seeking to earn a spot on their social media feed with your products and your interesting presentation, you open the possibilities of reaching a highly targeted audience that might be the most relevant to your brand.

Make Them Feel Special

There’s just something about receiving a gift that was especially made for you that can make it even more appealing. This is opposed to generic, mass produced packages that are sent out to hundreds of others, dampening the offering’s appeal and making you doubt your ‘VIP’ status.

To truly drive your message home, always opt for personalized gifts. Include a customized item inside the package that displays your VIP’s name, tastefully engraved or printed across its surface. Some personalities have a penchant for specific colour palettes, leading you towards an aesthetic that might best resonate with their preferences.

Other ways to personalize a VIP outreach gift would be to consider adding a thoughtful card to the package. A printed, bespoke thank you note expressing your gratitude for their support and willingness to explore your products can ring especially well with your recipient, giving them more reason to see your offering in a positive light.

For that Special VIP

Outreach marketing can be a potent method for brand identity and sales, associating your brand with some of the most prominent key individuals in your niche, and reaching their audience through their reputable, trusted voice. Needless to say, this powerful marketing strategy is one that is often overlooked, but those who choose to leverage its benefits will often reap the greatest rewards.

Something as simple as a VIP outreach gift can take your brand to new heights, helping you establish a better reputation with a highly targeted niche audience through the traction of leaders in your industry. But because putting together a gift for a VIP might not be as simple as you might think, it pays to get help from the best.

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