Sales Kit Gifts

Sales kit gifts offer a world’s worth of information, but also have what it takes to reel in a prospect, so they learn to trust and value your unique offers

Opening up any sort of venture exposes you to the cutthroat world of business ownership. Aside from the various operating activities that keep your boat afloat, there’s the challenge of keeping up with and exceeding your competition. Needless to say, with most economies easing up on small start-up ventures, more and more people are getting the leg room they need to breathe life into their business ideas.

With a sea of other brands fighting for the attention of the same audience you’re attempting to win over, it’s imperative that you exercise every opportunity to set your brand apart. But don’t be fooled – digital marketing trends aren’t the only effective methods these days.

More traditional tactics like the modest sales kit can help you reel in clients and consumers by way of good, old fashioned direct marketing. These materials provide prospects and existing patrons all the information they need to know about your brand, giving them every reason, they need in order to see you as the ultimate choice in your niche.

Sales kit gifts offer a world’s worth of information, but also have what it takes to reel in a prospect, so they learn to trust and value your unique offers. And because of their pivotal role in winning over new and existing leads, ensuring their quality should maximize their returns.

The Standard Sales Kit Gift

Sales kit gifts have been around for decades, serving as the main marketing tool for most brands before the digital marketing age. These kits typically contain everything a client or a lead might need to learn more about your venture. These include the basic fliers, brochures, pamphlets, and leaflets that talk about your brand and what you do. Lists of offered services and products should also find a place in your kit, as well as testimonials from previous clients.

If you’re handing a sales kit to a potential investor, a company brochure, process descriptions, as well as case studies might serve well to show them how they can expect to reap returns if they choose to partner up with your brand.

All of these printed materials are typically fitted into a folder or an envelope which is handed over to leads, existing clients, and potential business partners and investors to give them a summary of who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Of course, this standard format has worked for some businesses. But these days, sales kit gifts have taken a more interactive turn.

Refreshing Your Sales Kit Gift

Needless to say, an envelope or folder stuffed with a bunch of lengthy documents might not seem like the most enticing package to rifle through. And that’s absolutely true. Most sales kits that fail to snag their readers attention at the get go – even if they talk about products and services they might be interested in – are doomed to be tossed into the nearest bin.

So, taking your time to put together a pristine kit should minimize your chances of being discarded and improve your readers’ understanding of the information you’re trying to convey. With all of that in mind, adding other components that might help enhance the value of your kit can be a welcome change. Mugs, baseball caps, notepads, and pen sets might not seem like a lot, but they give your leads more reason to keep what you give away.

Try to chop up your documents to provide more concise chunks of text that are easier to read. Shorter paragraphs supported by lots of images can make your material more fun to read. Experiment with legible, clean fonts and do away with overly decorated handouts that confuse the reader. Instead, opt for organized, simplistic designs that leverage pleasantly coloured backdrops and structured text that leads the eyes where they’re supposed to go next.

If you’re giving away an extra freebie, consider minimizing your logo and branding. No matter how much a person might like your brand, walking around with your emblem slapped across a t-shirt or baseball cap might not be something anyone would want. Whenever possible, limit the use of your logo. Keep it small and discreet and leverage brand colours instead.

Toss Out the Folder

Most – if not all – sales kits are given away as branded company pocket folders. These feature some generic design that’s all about the brand, and inside, two pockets hold all of the printed documents that make up the kit. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this format, changing things up and trying something new wouldn’t hurt.

Instead of a pocket folder, consider other choices, like neat boxes with several dedicated compartments for each marketing material. Boxes also give you the opportunity to include other items with your gift, like drinking bottles and keychains, that might otherwise be without a place inside a pocket folder.

Don’t limit yourself to what the others are doing. Get creative and think of new ways to present your marketing materials so that your leads are given every reason to say yes to your brand.

Supporting Sales the Old-Fashioned Way

Although it is true that digital trends are taking over the market, old fashioned marketing methods are far from dead. The humble sales kit might not seem like a lot, but with the right execution, these packages can give your leads all the information they need to find out why you’re the best in the business.

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