Product Launches

Find out how we can help you make your internal product launches more impactful

Make an Impact with Product Launch Packaging Solutions

A product launch can be especially nerve wracking for any humble business owner. It doesn’t matter how much success you’ve seen in your niche, neither would the number of your patrons and fans make much of a difference. There’s no way to guarantee launch success, and the public rejection of a brand-new product can be a devastating blow to any enterprise.

But what many don’t realize is that sometimes, the product itself isn’t the problem, but the way it’s presented. All of the little details that contribute to your product’s initial appeal can make an impact on its overall success. That is, if it doesn’t captivate from the get go, then it might not be given the time and attention that it truly deserves.

That’s why many companies have adopted the internal product launch. A customary practice that lets you test a product before it’s actual release, an internal product launch gives your employees a first look into your brand-new offer. With their feedback, comments, and suggestions, you open up the opportunity to fine tune your product before the official launch, giving you a better chance to please your public.

But just because it’s a dummy launch, doesn’t mean you can skimp out on the details. Because this is practice for the real deal, exerting every bit of effort to treat it like it’s the actual launch can give you a more precise understanding of what needs to be done when you finally make the official product drop.


It’s All in the Details

What entices your audience? Needless to say, a beautiful, functional, practical product will draw in buyers for certain. But presentation plays a big role in your product’s initial impact. Well thought-out packaging, premium quality materials, and a sturdy, high-end feel with vivid colours and complimenting textures can wow your crowd right off the bat. Inspiring that sense of desire, a well-designed product package can fuel profitable consumer action simply because it looks appealing.

Social media is another reason why well executed design is imperative. When a product looks presentable, buyers are more likely to take to their social media accounts to talk about your offer. The more photogenic your product’s initial aesthetic, the wider the audience it reaches, driven by consumer generated content.

Exercising your product’s full creative potential during your internal launch lets you pick up recommendations from your employees. What did they like about the design? What felt off? What could be improved? Treating your internal launch like it were the real thing can help you zero in on the most specific details so you won’t have to make such big changes for the actual drop.


A Complete Package

Creating an interactive experience that lets your audience act on their package can heighten the excitement and appeal of your product. Adding in leaflets and fliers with short, sweet messages and perhaps even instructions can help make the experience more complete, as though your package communicates with the user to guide them towards maximum satisfaction.

High-quality print outs that use thick board paper and vibrant colour palettes can make your package more dynamic. This also gives you the opportunity to steer the experience, exuding the kind of personality and aura that you want your brand and your product to embody.

Packages that offer a number of various sized leaflets and handouts inside the box along with the product itself can engage your audience to a deeper extent. Use different dynamic content like infographics, short relevant quotations, and be personal with your voice to connect with your end user on a more intimate level.

If you’re launching your product internally, take the opportunity to make your employees feel their importance in the launch process. Leave a thank you note commending them for their time and honest feedback, and maybe leave a separate sheet that they can fill out to tell you more about what they thought of the product and its presentation.


Seize the Opportunity

How often do you get to gift your employees something special and free-of-charge? Any upright employer would see the internal product launch as an opportunity to thank their workforce for the time, commitment, and dedication they demonstrate to help you achieve your goals. So, if you’re planning on releasing a product to your personnel, might as well add in a little token to showcase your appreciation.

A set of pens, a customized company notebook, or even a coffee mug can all be inexpensive additions that improve the value of your gesture nonetheless. These added touches can make your workers feel even more motivated to continue on with their effort, putting their best foot forward and exerting their energy towards improving your package with their heartfelt ideas and recommendations.

If you’re working within a budget and you can’t afford to add in a gift, then something as simple as a thoughtful card can be a worthy addition. Premium gift card print outs with personalized messages of gratitude and appreciation can make your team members feel even more intimate with your company. The simple gesture can cause a significant positive impact among your workers, filling up their need for appreciation and recognition and renewing their motivation to work towards fulfilling your vision.


Launch Towards Success

Even an internal launch requires the same level of careful consideration and attention to detail that you would give the actual product release itself. Treating the practice as though you were addressing your actual audience can help improve the feedback you get, allowing you to target the most specific details to polish your package and guarantee its success.

If you’re preparing to send a product out onto the main stage, take your time with an internal launch. Choose a service that can help you turn your vision into a reality, and wow your audience at a glance with carefully and thoughtfully executed packaging that reflects your product’s value.

Bookblock’s services lets you create custom packaging that’s guaranteed to get your product to stand out. With premium materials, beautiful designs, vibrant colours, and seamless construction, our solutions promise to give your product the best shot at success.