Press Mailer Gifts

A positive reputation is the lifeblood of any brand. Establishing an authentic identity of reliability, honesty, and quality can help boost sales, improving the way your market sees you, and making them feel more comfortable to transact with your humble venture.

There is a load of ways to support a positive reputation these days, thanks to the dawn of the internet. Social media, dedicated websites, and other online business solutions give brands a stage where they can showcase their products and services and the reasons why they’re the best in their niche.

While all of these strategies will work in your favour to establish that positive reputation, there are other, equally potent tactics worth incorporating into your method. One such strategy is the press mailer gift.

Specially designed to be given to a key person in the media, a prominent personality, or even a potential business investor, the press mailer gift showcases the best of the best of what you have to offer. The purpose of the gift is to wow your recipient and to make them want to talk positively about your brand to their wide audience. If you’re giving it to an investor, then the objective would obviously be to secure their trust and get them to partner up with your brand.

Press mailer gifts can be tricky territory because of the need to impress your recipient. But there are certain strategies you can try to guarantee their positive response.

Deciding on the Proper Contents

What should go inside a press mailer gift? That really depends. Sometimes, brands will release press mailers to a list of relevant personalities after they drop a new line of products. These kits will typically contain the entire collection, giving their PR contacts a number of items to showcase to their own followers in order to reach a relevant audience.

In some cases, brands also opt to add in a few cult favourites into their packages combined with brand new items in their line-up. These are included simply to reinforce their identity, reiterating why their patrons love them in the first place. Essentially, there is no limit on the number of products you can put in a pack. In fact, adding as many of your products as you can even leave a more positive impression on your VIP recipients.

Other than the products themselves, consider throwing in a few added extras like pamphlets and personalized greeting cards. Scribbling a thank you note addressed to your recipient, and a few short leaflets that describe what they can expect from each product can make your package interactive and interesting, adding a facet of drama that makes it far more presentable and exciting.

Designed for the Screen

You want to make sure that your gift is Instagram worthy. The entire objective is to encourage your recipients to talk about your products to their audience and offering something that deserves airtime on their profile can increase your chances of getting that precious slot on their page.

Of course, you probably already took the necessary measures to design your product packaging so that they exude the aesthetic and personality of your brand. But aside from the products themselves, taking time to ensure premium press mailer gift packaging should also be a part of your agenda. Social media is all about aesthetic and offering a gift that looks beautiful and attractive from the start captures attention and improves viewer interest.

Start with a well-thought-out colour palette that matches the aesthetic of your products and brand. Then think about how you can make your package more interactive to engage your recipient’s viewers and make them stick around to see the contents. Things like ribbons and sealed compartments inside the main box itself can draw attention to each unique item.

Other features that incorporate texture and highlight each item in the box can also be a welcome addition. A bed of packing straw, texture board paper, or even organic material like woven straw can be cost-effective inclusions that work to enhance the visual appeal of your package.

Adding a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to make your gift feel more like a deliberate effort instead of a mass-produced package can give your recipient more reason to speak highly of your products. An air of familiarity achieved through personalized packaging taps into their own preferences and decorative eye.

If you’ve got a short list, then consider customizing each package to suit each specific individual you intend to gift. If you can’t exercise that kind of personalization, then consider adding a printed card with their name and a short thank you message from your brand. Going the extra mile to customize your message and direct it at your recipient specifically instead of using a generalized spiel can make it even more personal.

Some other inclusions worth considering include personalized knick knacks like drinking bottles, notebooks, notepads, or pouches with your recipient’s name printed or stitched across for added appeal.

Incorporate those personal touches whenever they apply. Knowing that a gift was made especially for you instead of it being a pre-determined package given away to a bunch of other people can make it feel more deserving of media coverage.

A Positive Reputation with Press Mailer Gifts

There’s a lot to gain out of partnering up with other, prominent names and personalities in your niche. With a wider reach to a relevant audience, these individuals present an opportunity to bring your brand to a viewership that matters. A press mailer gift can be a smart way to achieve that end by making your products available to someone with a trusted voice in your industry.

Not all press mailer gifts are going to work in your favour though. So, paying attention to every detail before sending them out to your PR list can help guarantee success and a positive impact on your reputation. While you might have the products nailed, packaging might be another hurdle to overcome. And that’s where Bookblock comes in.

We offer premium gifting solutions, creating customized packages that can help enhance your press mailers’ value. With custom boxes, premium materials, and seamless aesthetic that’s intended to wow your audience, our packaging services can add that extra oomph to make your products the centrepiece of every social media page in your niche.