On-boarding Gifts

If you're a company that prides itself on the way you treat new staff then on-boarding gifts are a fantastic way of easing new faces into your team

A Warm Welcome with On-Boarding Gifts

Expanding your team? Strong relationships within your employee network will be the foundation of your venture’s success. Treating each and every single worker with respect and valuing their unique contributions to your enterprise will fuel them to be more productive, efficient, and diligent.

Certainly, the fortification of the relationships you have with your workers won’t happen overnight. It’s a long process that takes time and effort, but paying attention to the details and taking every opportunity to make them feel that they matter to you right from the start can be a smart step in the right direction.

The humble on-boarding gift is an unspoken yet customary tradition that’s practiced across all industries regardless of venture size. These gifts give your new hires all the information they need to settle right in and feel at home with your company, ensuring that they’re on the same page as the rest of your team.

While an on-boarding gift might not seem like something you should stress over, it pays to remember that all of these little details will ripple through your workforce to produce a tidal wave of positive change. So, try to consider these suggestions when building your on-boarding gift to heighten its value and magnify its effects.

Make It Count

Perhaps the first consideration you’d want to look into is the relevance and practicality of your on-boarding package. Will it bring your hires up to speed on what they need to know to flow with the rest of your team? With that in mind, you may want to consider adding in leaflets, booklets, printed guides, and even instructional videos saved on flash drives to give them a starter package that can clear up any smoke that might haze out their idea of their priorities and duties.

Think of the package as a beginner’s crash course, offering all of the pertinent details that can answer any questions they might have. These include instructions on basic software functions, routine schedules, office protocol and conduct, proper dress code, and everything else they need to observe on a daily basis.

Try adding in a variety of resources in different forms to adapt every kind of learning style. Make it visually stimulating, engaging as many senses as possible to help make the information easier to absorb and more valuable to your hires. Charts, infographics, video material, and clean, well-organized bulleted lists are always easier to appreciate than large blocks of text.

Maintain Your Branding

Attention to detail and a no-cutting-corners state-of-mind is the key to venture success. Being deliberate with every piece of material you shell out – whether for your end users, or for your workforce – will be your advantage against the competition. Your dedication to your identity in every aspect of your operations especially when it comes to corresponding with those who might only be starting to get to know you will reinforce your name and fortify your workers’ support for your enterprise.

Branding your on-boarding package will make it easier for your new hires to relate with your image, enabling them to start the foundation of a strong sense of oneness with your brand. For new hires who might not feel fully at home just yet, that can be of paramount importance.

When designing your on-boarding package, don’t shrug off the aesthetic. Use your company colours, add your logo tastefully on the contents and the package itself, and use your tone of voice to convey the personality of your brand to your hires.

On that note, it would be counterintuitive to use cheap, flimsy materials that might not reflect the kind of quality that you identify with your brand. Choose sturdy, harder board papers, glossy prints, and premium quality boxes that beg to be reused. Make sure the contents of your package last, and make sure they invite your hire to keep turning each page.

Get Personal

The objective of an on-boarding gift is two-fold. Firstly, it should answer all of your hires’ questions, giving them a concise yet detailed guide to working with your team. Secondly, it should make them feel welcome and wanted, boosting their morale and laying down the foundation for long-term loyalty and commitment.

Remember that the on-boarding gift is first and foremost a gift, so stuffing it with corporate leaflets, guide books, and instructional material shouldn’t be your only concern. Add in a useful trinket or a thoughtful knick-knack that might find its way on your new hires’ desks. Whether it’s a reusable tumbler, a coffee mug, a paperback notebook, or a set of coloured pens, make certain that your humble inclusion will find purpose in the office space.

Whenever possible, make sure your quaint little corporate giveaway has your logo and uses your brand colours. But if you want to go the extra mile, adding in your hire’s name can make your gift even more of a delight to receive. Plus, the personal touch can make a world’s worth of difference, making your employee feel even more special and important.

First Impressions Last

When it comes to your workforce, good enough is never good enough. As the core of your venture, the people you hire will be instrumental in your success. So, seeing to it that they’re satisfied, valued, and appreciated right from the start can set you off towards the foundation of strong, lifelong collaborations with your employees.

That first impression you make to a new hire will designate the climate of your relationship with them, and will ultimately dictate how they will feel about their situation under your employment. Yes, that opening salvo carries more weight than you think – make sure it counts.

Collaborate with us at BookBlock to piece together a thoughtful, practical, and beautiful on-boarding gift for your new hires, filled to the brim with rich, valuable resources and pleasantries to tug their heartstrings and make them fall in love with their new job. Give them something that gives justice to your brand, and offer a gift that will make them feel important to you – because they are.