Milestone Gifts

From Birthdays through Anniversaries, and ultimately to Retirement, gifts on milestones prove to be morale booster

Celebrating Success with Milestone Gifts

The loyalty of a dedicated workforce is something no employer should take for granted. As the foundation of your venture’s success, employees who stick around and exert all their effort and energy towards achieving your vision are an invaluable asset that you should celebrate and reward at every given opportunity.

So, with every new milestone – whether it’s a decade’s worth of service or a well-deserved promotion – showing your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication is a step towards a more fruitful collaboration.

Milestone gifts make a wonderful tradition to support your employees in their own success and to express your gratitude for the quality of service they provide your business. Celebrating these simple occasions with a milestone gift can be a potent morale booster, inspiring a strong sense of value in your workforce.

Hoping to make those workplace milestones a little more special? Here’s how to put together a worthy milestone gift for the employees who go out of their way to dedicate long years of their life to helping you succeed.

Keep Branding at Bay

Just because you’re gifting an item from the company heads, doesn’t mean your token has to look like a corporate giveaway. Celebrating a milestone should take more than just plucking out one of those stock company brand items from storage and popping them on your employee’s desk. There are ways that you can come up with beautiful, timeless milestone gifts that reflect your brand without being all about it.

Service like Bookblock can bring out your inner designer, helping you create beautiful packaging for your milestone gifts, highlighting your brand without overpowering the gesture. Print specially designed boxes just for your brand and enjoy premium quality aesthetic that’s sure to put a smile on your most loyal employees’ faces.

Maximize on Value

What you don’t want is to hand out a token that will lose value or worth over time. Just like your special worker, their milestone gift has to last the test of time, growing in worth and significance as the years roll on. With that in mind, you should steer clear of gifts that might not reflect the kind of importance that your worker has.

Instead of the traditional click pen, consider a more sophisticated, refillable fountain pen or sign pen that can find a special place on your worker’s desk. Instead of your average everyday mug, try a luxurious champagne flute. Whatever it is, always take it up a notch and keep the objective of value in mind.

In many cases, your milestone gift can become a reward to strive towards, serving as a symbol of success within your small community. The better the value of your token, the more motivated the rest of your workers will feel to attain the same recognition.

Make It Personal

It’s not every day that a worker celebrates another decade of dedicated service, so on that special day, strive to make your employee feel like they stand out – because they do. Generic congratulations and greeting cards won’t give justice to the kind of personal plight that your employee undertakes every day to meet your goals. So, to make sure they know how much you appreciate their dedicated, determined effort, call them by name.

Something as simple as taking your time to write a personalized card just for them can inspire a potent feeling of importance and worth. By acknowledging their unique struggle and hard work, you set them apart from the rest of the workforce and see them as a single, important individual who’s loyalty and determination are things you are truly grateful for.

A personalized card with a handwritten greeting might not seem like a lot, but it can heighten your milestone gift’s impact. Print out a card just for that special worker and make sure it counts. Bookblock offers over a thousand unique card designs, all of which can be customized with your unique note or greeting.

Gratify at a Glance

While it’s definitely true that the contents of your gift box might matter the most, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to detail. Giving importance to all the little things – from the quality of the packaging, to the colours and prints, to the ribbons holding it together, and the way the card is taped to its face – will all leave a lasting impact on your special employee. And when you think about the fact that they’ve spent years meeting your high standards, it’s only right that you spend this moment to give the most thoughtful honour you can conceive.

Take your time with packing your gift, envelope it in premium materials that are sturdy and that beg to be reused, utilize a complimenting colour pallet, and make sure you take their breath away from the moment they see your gift sitting pretty on their desk.

Don’t Cut Corners – Bookblock Can Help

It’s not every day that an employee reaches a milestone in their career. So, whether it’s their first decade, their first promotion, or their retirement, don’t cut corners – just like they never cut corners delivering their best for your enterprise. These milestones are a symbol of the loyalty, dedication, and determination that your workers have poured into turning your vision into a reality. So, reward them – because they deserve it.

Bookblock offers effortless gifting solutions for everything from corporate giveaways to milestone parcels, letting you piece together premium gifts without having to put in too much of your time. Our seamless services even let you outsource the gift building process. We’ll handle everything from printing the boxes, to prepping the gift item, to sealing, sticking on the gift card, and sending it over to your employee so you can enjoy hands-free gifting without worrying about quality.

Collaborate with us today for all of your milestone gift needs and more, and make sure you pay your employees back for the years of service they unselfishly offered to you to bring your venture where it is today.