Membership Welcome Gifts

Membership welcome gifts are the perfect opportunity to show off the quality of your service and attention to detail

Retaining Loyalty with Membership Welcome Gifts

There comes a feeling of exclusivity whenever you join an organization. That becomes even more pronounced when you’re handed your welcome package. As a standard practice for most – if not all – organizations, the distribution of a welcome bundle has two main purposes. The first is to give you all the information you need to get up to speed on the ins and outs of your newly joined group. So, you should expect there to be quite a few leaflets and booklets that lay down the facts and give you a deeper understanding of the organization you’re now a part of.

The second is to show you gratitude and appreciation for choosing to be a part of this exclusive clan. While many organizations don’t extend themselves too much when it comes to their welcome packages – offering nothing more than handbooks, and perhaps a complimentary click pen – there are those that go above and beyond their members’ expectations.

Needless to say, stretching yourself a little further to create a membership welcome package that leans more towards being a gift can make your members feel even more special. Taking time with the design and adding in a few more items other than the standard inclusions can give more meaning to your package, and inspire a stronger sense of exclusivity among your new members.


Aim for Luxury

Even the most affordable memberships need to aim for the highest level of membership package quality. The fact is, anyone who spends on a membership expects to be given preferential treatment. If you’re in the hospitality industry, members will likely have to pay several thousand pounds to join your elite organization. So, your membership gift package should justify the amount your membership calls for.

Luxurious gift boxes with layers upon layers of inclusions that incorporate more than just the basics can speak volumes to your members. Premium materials, sealed together with a satin bow can reflect the magnitude of your brand. Organized interiors with placeholders for each unique item can add structure to your package, guiding your member’s hands through the contents to fully enjoy the unboxing experience.

Remember – one of the goals of a membership package is retention. Giving your new members a reason to stay by offering a premium gift that exceeds their expectations can secure their patronage for many years down the line. So, don’t skimp out on quality, opt only for top-tier materials, designs, and construction, and communicate with your members through presentation.


Make It Feel Exclusive

The feeling of being part of an elite group can often fuel a person to continue their membership. There are a range of methods to achieve this end, and often, it’s an on-going effort to ensure that sense of pride and inclusion. But right from the start, your welcome package offers the chance for you to seize that opportunity. And that’s by including a special, luxury item with your gift.

Some of the most prominent luxury brands throughout various industries have leveraged this technique to retain their members for decades. And all it takes is a single coveted item that earns its reputation as a status symbol. A luxury fountain pen, a gold-plated bangle, or even a discreet lapel pin can all become highly sought-after, even fuelling individuals’ desire to become a part of your group in the first place.

Aside from the basic inclusions – like the membership card, leaflets, handbooks, and other freebies – make sure you toss in an item they can proudly showcase to symbolize their elite status as a member of your group.


Personalize When Possible

An individual has just paid several thousands of pounds to become a part of your organization. The least you could do is mention their name. While generic, pre-printed, pre-designed thank you cards can be convenient and effortless to slap on a welcome gift, taking your time with a personalized thank you note can elevate your package’s impact.

Addressing your new member using their title and their last name, or even simply by their first name inspires a strong sense of familiarity, making them feel even more united with your brand. Gift cards that are also carefully designed, using complimenting colours can be especially delightful to read, perhaps even earning a place in your new member’s box of memorabilia.

Whenever possible, make sure you go the extra mile to personalize your welcome gift inclusions. Leave provisions on hand out and leaflet soft copies to enter a name before printing, and perhaps even engrave their name across your luxury gift to make it more heartfelt. Remember – there are countless other brands vying for the same attention and patronage. Extending your effort to make your members feel most special can secure their loyalty for decades to come.


A Warm Welcome That Leaves a Mark

Memberships can be a stable source of revenue for countless businesses, opening up the opportunity to work with a consistent base of patrons who are always there to support your brand. As some of your most important customers, your members deserve premium treatment that repays their generous expression of preference for your services and offers.

A membership welcome gift box can be a wonderful way to make your gratitude felt, and may even open doors towards more lasting patronage from your most special audience. Taking your time to guarantee the quality not only of the contents of the box, but of the presentation of the package can boost that sense of exclusivity to drive long-term patronage that extends for decades.

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