Event Gifting

With a little tact and some careful consideration, you can sustain the magic of your event through a well-thought-out gift.

Offering something that’s well executed – offering premium aesthetic and value from the outside all the way in – can cement the event experience in the hearts and minds of your attendees. And if you’re a brand hoping to make a lasting impression, that’s something worth investing in.

Event gifts can be as simple as a commemorative token, or as grand as a distinct gift box containing a range of valuable items. And whichever your budget allows, exercising the extent of your creative prowess can deepen the meaning and value of your humble offering.

Unfortunately, we don’t all know what it takes to piece together a beautiful event gift right off the bat. And that’s probably why you’re here. Fortunately, there are some pointers you can take as your guide to help you combine all the right items and aspects to create an event gift that your attendees would be proud to keep in display for many years to come.

So, what does it actually take to create a gift that will cement your event’s experience? Here are some pointers worth practicing.

Choosing an Appropriate Event Gift

Event gift templates aren’t set in stone. For the most part, determining what to give out at your event depends on the nature and ambiance of your occasion. For instance, a networking event for professionals in your industry might be more appropriately gifted with a more corporate offering, like a premium office pen or a customized reusable bottle. For more formal occasions, like awards nights, then a more sophisticated offering, like a bottle of wine, might be the right tune.

Then again, it helps to remember that event gifts don’t always have to be a single item. In certain cases, gift boxes make a better choice, allowing you to create a more valuable and dynamic gift without compounding its cost. In fact, most people will agree that receiving multiple items in a single bundle instead of a solitary gift can be more exciting and enticing.

Whenever possible, try to put together a more intricate event gift by combining three or four items in a box. These gifts will often have more impact on your attendees and may provide them greater value that will find a purpose in their everyday life.

Packaging Your Gift

Choosing the contents of your gift is one thing but deciding on how to present it to your attendees is another. Gifts that exude an aura of value and quality right from the way it’s packaged or wrapped will have a stronger impact on your recipients than something that doesn’t beckon them to unravel at a glance.

Paying attention to all the little details – from the quality of the box, to the colours you’ve chosen, to the way that the items inside are presented – will all have an impact on the quality of your event gift. The more meticulous you are with these seemingly unimportant details, the more likely you’d be able to wow your guests with your humble offering.

Refrain from using tote bags that mix all of your items together in a disorganized mess and opt for boxes whenever its accessible. Lay your items inside the box on a bed of packing straw or go the extra mile to have a custom box designed with designated compartments for each item.

Invest in sturdier, better boxes and details like stain ribbons and stiff board for thank you cards. Essentially, aim for quality. Focus on creating a gift box that will entice your hands and fingers to feel and experience every inch and develop an aesthetic that can stimulate your eyes from corner to corner.

Personalize at All Times

For more intimate gatherings – especially formal or corporate events with fewer yet more important guests – it helps to always consider personalization. Calling each attendee by their name on a thank you card can further improve their event experience, making them feel like they’re truly important, wanted, and welcome at your event.

Print out bespoke cards with each attendees’ name handwritten on the print. If possible, write different notes for each person to truly improve that sense of individuality and importance. Choose different car designs for each person and match the print with their personality. The better you find that perfect print, the more likely they are to keep your card from falling into the trash.

Because it’s also recommended that you avoid branding your gift too heavily, adding a pamphlet or a leaflet inside the box instead can bring your point across without having to force your name on your attendees. Tastefully designed brochures with all the pertinent information about your event tucked into a gift box can drive your sentiment home without having to overpower every other item in the gift.

Making Memories Last with Event Gifts

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a formal occasion, or even a wedding, event gifts should be an essential on your list of things to buy. These humble boxes express gratitude and appreciation for the attendance of your guests, thanking them for the time they’ve exhausted to be a part of your occasion.

While it’s no secret that showing thanks is a common courtesy for any event, deciding on the ideal item to express that feeling of gratitude can be tricky. How exactly can you encapsulate that kind of gratefulness with an item that can fit easily into a box?

If you’re not quite certain what should go inside your next gift box for that upcoming event, Bookblock brings the answer. Our exceptional gifting solutions bring you all the basics you need to build the perfect gift. Choose a range of items from our premium selection, decide on a box design, and let us do the rest.

Whether it’s for a gathering of hundreds, or if it’s a quaint at-home get-together, Bookblock makes gifting effortless and easy.