End Of Year Gifts

End of years gifts are a good way to close off a busy period in your calendar, and a good way to show your staff you care

Closing Chapters the Right Way with End of Year Gifts

As the year draws to a close, it helps to look back and think about the time that has been. Would any of your successes have been possible without the help of your dedicated workforce? Probably not. Recognizing your employees’ effort and rewarding the time and energy they pitched in throughout the year that has passed can boost their morale and motivate them to do even better as you move on to the next year.

So yes, even with their holiday bonus lined up – which will likely be spent on bills and other pertinent expenses – a thoughtful token of appreciation such as an end of year gift should be in order. But what exactly should it contain?

Needless to say, piecing together a worthy gift might not be the easiest of challenges. From its exterior to its content, and all throughout its many little details, an end of year gift should hit all the right notes and showcase your sentiment and gratefulness in the best way possible.


Skip the Novelties

Trophies, medals, plaques of recognition or appreciation – these might seem like a suitable choice to highlight your workers’ dedication and effort. But all too often, they’ll lose worth over a short period of time, collecting dust in unopened desk drawers. With that in mind, it would be wise to consider the purpose of your gift. The opportunity to give such a token of appreciation only comes once a year, and novelties might not be sufficient to give thanks to their effort.

Practical gifts such as those that might find a purpose in your workforce’s day to day life might be far better off as end of year offerings. But don’t just pluck out a corporate giveaway from your stock room and be done with it. Remember – the end of year gift is an opportunity to motivate your employees and to thank them for their hard work. The more valuable, unique, and relevant the gift, the more important they’ll feel.

This year, do away with the novelties and forget the plaques and medals. Focus your sights on a gift that can find purpose, and give your employees something that they can feel happy to receive.


Add Variety

One of the ways you can make your gift more valuable is by adding variety to your offering. Gift boxes with an assortment of items inside can be inexpensive to piece together, yet still give your workers that strong sense of importance, value, and worth in knowing that you took your time to create a gift they would truly be able to enjoy.

Since it’s the holidays, consider a gift that packs together a range of items they wouldn’t otherwise receive any other time of the year. Extra-large bars of chocolate, personalized journals, a set of beautiful coloured pens, and even a bottle of champagne can all make smart additions to your gift box.

What would you like to see in a year end gift box? Packing your package with various items and knick knacks that combine practicality and little bit of luxury can make your humble token of appreciation something to look forward to at the end of every demanding year.


Keep It Festive

A plain paper bag with the company logo smacked across its front might reduce the effort and time you spend putting together your token, but it also betrays your purpose for gifting in the first place. Your workforce has spent the last year dedicating their undivided time and effort towards furthering your venture. So, it would only be appropriate to take this opportunity to do the same for them.

Paying attention to the details like the way your gift is packaged can be a small step that makes a big change in the overall impact of your token. Personalized boxes using your company colours, tastefully showcasing your logo, premium hard board material, satin ribbons, and everything in between will all contribute to the value of your offering. Just as you recognize your workers’ effort, so too will they recognize the energy you put into their end of year gifts, giving them greater value in your employees’ eyes.


Avoid Generic Greeting Cards

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a workforce of 10 or 100 – generic greeting cards never truly translate your gratitude. Calling each worker by name, scribbling a unique note of thanks to each one of them, and taking your time to choose a suitable gift card design will all help to make them feel that the gift was especially made just for them.

It doesn’t matter that the contents are all the same – simply knowing that you took the time to personally thank them with a bespoke card can inspire a sense of value and pride, knowing that their daily effort and perhaps even struggle has not gone unnoticed.

Remember – the little details matter. So, from the way your gift looks, to the material you use for the package, to the design and content of your cards – making deliberate, thoughtful choices throughout the process will make a big difference.


Closing Chapters the Right Way

Every day that your employees dedicate to your venture is worth celebrating. The completion of a year, even more so. That being said, taking your time and being deliberate with your choices can help translate your gratitude into the form of a gift, perfectly encapsulating your sentiment to make your appreciation felt at the end of a long, tiring year.

Still not quite certain how to go about the gift? Bookblock offers a range of gifting solutions that can make the process a breeze. From beautiful, bespoke packaging, to premium gift contents, to personalized cards, our services even let you outsource the process to come up with excellently crafted and well-thought-out end of year tokens that are guaranteed to tug at your workers’ heart strings.

Let us put together the perfect token of appreciation for your hardworking crew and enjoy effortless gifting solutions that don’t compromise your heartfelt gratitude.