Conference Gifts

From leather folios through to thank you gift boxes, we break down the best way to gift Conference guests

Leaving a Lasting Impression with Conference Gifts

Packed with people from within a highly targeted niche, conferences are a thriving business scene that can drive the foundation of new profitable relationships with other brands in the market, or with your end users. With people flocking from all over the globe to a single location to mingle with experts and up-and-comers from the same industry, conferences make an intelligent venue for establishing a relevant network of contacts to further your venture’s expansion and improvement.

There are many different purposes for a conference. Some are organized for educational purposes, bringing forth industry leaders to impart valuable, technical knowledge you might not be able to find anywhere else. Then there are those that are held for the purpose of trade, opening up the stage for different brands and business within similar niches to showcase their product and find new leads.

Without a doubt, trade shows that let you present your product to a relevant audience can drive an increase in revenue well after the conference has ended. But that all depends on how well prepared you are with your marketing material. With booth after booth lined up to win the attention of the same audience you’re trying to appeal to, your marketing material can make or break your conference stint.


A New Era for Trade Fairs

Back in the day, trade fairs were filled to the brim with all the same marketing materials. Reusable tote bags, click pens, branded notepads, and even wrist bands were the typical fare you’d find being handed out by every single booth present. While some of them might have achieved their goal with such simple tactics, it soon became apparent that adapting the same technique over and over again would cause public interest to wane, and made it exceptionally difficult not to fade out into the ocean of competition.

A conference is a once in a lifetime opportunity that’s teeming with potential for your brand. But using these tired strategies in the hope of leaving a lasting impression might cause you to fall short of expectations. With that in mind, your objective with your marketing material should be to stand out.

Some of those who pass your booth won’t even spend their time learning about you. Trade fairs can be alarmingly fast paced, with thousands of guests causing foot traffic in every direction. And because all of your competitors are there to win over their own leads, expect presenters to fight for public attention.

Sometimes, you won’t even get the chance to blurt a single word, and your marketing materials will be the only ammunition you have to leave a mark even without the sales talk.


Refreshing Tired Trade Fair Tropes

You don’t really need to come up with brand new giveaway ideas if you want to stand out. Remember – people will only decide who they liked best based on comparisons. That said, there’s no need to generate new giveaway trends – you just need to make sure your pen is better than theirs.

Spending a little more on your giveaways helps ensure their quality. Pens that write better, tote bags that don’t look like they came out of a grocery store, branded notepads with more discreet, stylish designs, and yearly planners that aren’t riddled with your company logo can all look much better than what they’re handing out in the neighbouring booth.

Take your time with design and quality, and don’t be afraid to spend a little more. Giveaways that exude higher quality materials and better performance – even if it’s something as simple as a pen – can leave a lasting impression on your leads. Plus, the longer your giveaways last, the more reason your guests have to keep the items around. For instance, a premium notepad that uses thick, white paper with your company logo tastefully printed across the top header might find a place on a lead’s work desk, catching the attention of other workers in the same space.

Essentially, better quality marketing materials won’t only earn the attention of your immediate audience at the conference, they also increase the chances of being seen outside of the trade fair after all the guests have come and gone.


Paying Attention to Presentation

Sure, a bunch of pens and notepads stuffed into an eco-bag might be easier to put together, especially if you’re trying to juggle all of the happenings at a busy trade fair. But doing more with your materials instead of simply tossing them into a tote can earn them a special place in your leads’ minds.

Premium packaging solutions that lay out your giveaways in a more tasteful, organized manner can trump the competition, making your marketing materials shine with greater value. Handing out boxes instead of cluttered totes filled with random knick knacks can be far more rewarding for your brand, setting yourself apart by a mile against the competition.

Consider packaging your materials in a more thoughtful manner. Boxes with placement provisions for each item can be visually stimulating, enticing your leads to really explore the box’s contents, instead of simply hoarding materials just because they’re free. Plus, proper packaging lets you guide your leads, presenting pertinent information carefully and methodically to accurately convey the message you’re trying to communicate.


Making the Most of Big Opportunities

A conference is a massive undertaking that promises a bounty of reward for those who take their time to make the most of the opportunity. While the others are busy with their mass-produced generic giveaways, you have the upper hand. Thoughtful, carefully prepared and presented marketing materials can blast your brand through the competition, setting your name apart as a formidable contender among a sea of other businesses.

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