Client Thank You Gifts

It’s not enough to say you value your clients. After all, actions speak louder than words. So, extending the gratitude to show them that they’re appreciated can make your sentiment even more meaningful.

Taking care of your clients is a vital part of business success. More than new consumers, ensuring that the ones that have patronized you in the past stick around and continue to offer you their loyalty can sustain your venture for the long haul. So, any tactics that aim to achieve that goal should be part of your agenda.

The humble client thank you gift is a tactic that’s been used time and time again. Typically, standard practice in industries with tight competition and expensive services and products, client thank you gifts show gratitude for their patronage and open up the opportunity for future savings should they choose to continue to support you in the future.

As a gesture of appreciation and gratitude, you want your client thank you gift to reflect the genuine gratefulness that you feel. And with that in mind, you should already know that not everything will suffice to express such a grand gesture. Giving it careful thought and being deliberate with your choices can make your client thank you gift more meaningful and may help secure their loyalty for many years to come.

The Contents of a Client Thank You Gift

Insurance companies, high-end hotels, banks, and other high-stakes ventures need to exercise every opportunity to retain their clients and keep them happy. Not only because of the sheer competitiveness of their respective industries, but also because of the kind of money their services cost. If a client has to spend hundreds or thousands to avail what you offer, then expect it to be necessary to extend your gratitude.

Now, what exactly should a client thank you gift contain so that you can fully express your gratefulness for their trust and patronage? Some of the standard inclusions you might expect are company branded pens, notepads, baseball caps, tote bags, and t-shirts. But all of these tired giveaway tropes might not sit well with high-paying clients.

Consider refreshing the typical corporate giveaways that we’re used to seeing to add value to your gift. Sometimes, more personal items can be far more appreciated, like a lavish scented candle, a tray of decadent chocolates, and a pair of champagne flutes bundled together in a beautiful box.

Of course, you don’t really need to dwell too far. Adding in an uncommon item or two along with the rest of your standard corporate giveaways can be more than enough to spice up your offering, making it a worthy expression of your gratitude. Whatever the case, try to change things and add a premium item or two to enhance value and meaning.

Refresh Your Corporate Giveaways

Cheap, flimsy corporate giveaways with your logo slapped across the front will find its home in the bin within seconds after being received. Clients won’t find value in such poorly executed gifts and may even feel disappointed at the quality of your giveaway considering the amount they’ve spent to be a part of your circle of clients.

That said, it pays to reconsider your current roster of corporate giveaways. Cheap plastic pens that can hardly write, tote bags that tear at the seams, and notepads with your company logo and slogan taking up a third of the surface area should get a well-deserved design refresh.

Whenever possible, minimize your logos and tag lines. If at all possible, refrain from using them all together. A tasteful combination of your brand colours can be more than enough to identify your marketing materials without having to be all about you. Things like pens and bags should offer better quality, giving your clients more reason to keep the trinkets around.

Think about the amount of money your clients have spent to patronize your brand, and always aim for giveaways that can justify the money they’ve invested to avail of what you have to offer.

Going the Extra Mile with Presentation

Most corporate giveaways for clients are thrown into a tote bag, mixed all together with no sense or organization or structure. Of course, it’s easier that way, saving you the time it takes to piece together anything more intricate. But structuring your client thank you gift in a customized box can improve its value, reinforce its meaning, and give it more staying power.

Imagine a large box, tastefully splashed with your brand colours, and all bound together with a satin bow. As you undo the ribbon, one of the flaps falls forward, revealing the next step of the unboxing process. Lifting the flap opens the box’s lid, underneath which are several compartments, each with a short note on its cover.

A delicate line traces through the compartments, indicating which items are to be opened first. This guides your hands through each of the giveaways – first a chrome pen, the next an engraved steel keychain, on to a leather-bound notebook, and then finally to the centrepiece – your platinum membership card.

This sort of drama can entice your clients and give each item in your box their 15 minutes of fame. By drawing attention to each and every component of your gift, you heighten its value and give it more potential to find a place in your clients’ day to day life.

Take Every Opportunity to Give Thanks

Your clients are the ones who make your venture possible. So, taking every opportunity to thank them for their patronage and trust is paramount to your success. For all those times when a thank you card just isn’t enough, there’s Bookblock.

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