Bookblock Guide to Classy Alcohol Gifts

The gold standard

When it comes to champagne, the gold standard is Moet. These artisans have been crafting the fizzy stuff since 1743 and centuries of experience ensure every bottle is better than the last. This mini Moet packs all the punch of a full-sized bottle and features the same fruity notes of apple pear and white peach. Thrown in aromas of praline and French brioche and you’ve got an extra special champers for extra special occasions. Add it to a wedding anniversary gift box for a hint of luxury. 


Pretty in pink 

It’s not just Moet in the champagne game. For decades, Lanson has been providing first-class bubbles to royal families across the world. Even Queen Elizabeth herself is partial to a drop. Their rosé blend takes the traditional recipe of French champagne and adds a drop of red wine. The result is a fabulously fruity bottle that’s perfect for parties. A great 18th birthday gift for girls, it can be enjoyed it on its own or with raspberry liqueur for a sumptuous summer cocktail.


Some Italian style 

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, take a look at this punchy miniature negroni from Myatt’s Fields Cocktails. Born in Florence in the early 20th century, the negroni is famous for its balance of sweet and bitter flavours. Sure to be a hit with him and her, it’s great for a wedding anniversary gift box. This blend is made from gin, two different vermouths and a rich fruity Campari. The experts at Wyatt’s Fields then let it mature for at least six weeks to honour the Italian recipe. Saluti!


The new kid on the block

Compared to some of the other tipples on this list, the espresso martini is relatively new to the cocktail scene. Invented in Soho in the early 1980s, this blend combines the smooth sweetness of coffee liqueur with the punchy hit of Italian espresso. Add a healthy serving of vodka and you’ve got a wonderfully drinkable cocktail. Its mature mix makes it perfect for a 30th birthday gift. And with its generous 25cl serving, you can even share it between two. 


The Old favourite 

If you’re looking for classy alcohol gifts, look no further. This miniature bottle of Islay single malt whisky is ideal for the discerning gent in your life. Matured for 12 years for added depth of flavour, it features smoky notes with a rich leafy aroma. Its small size means it’ll slip nicely in the golf bag. Or keep a wee dram for warming up wet and windy walks. Sweet, subtle and wonderfully mature, it’s the perfect addition to a 40th birthday gift box. 


Bookblock Guide to… 10 Thoughtful Things to Put in a Mother’s Day Gift Box 

Rose Amélie Hand Cream

Sometimes the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages. This luxurious hand cream from Benamor 1925 is no exception. It’s packed full of nourishing ingredients like argan oil, rose oil and carnauba wax and to nourish and protect your skin. A perfect gift for non-stop mums.  


Raspberry Ripple Bath Blaster 

Every mum deserves a bit of pampering time. This fun and funky bath blaster from Bomb Cosmetics is the perfect excuse to enjoy a good soak. Drop it into the tub and watch as layers of nourishing cocoa and shea butter swirl and fizz her stresses away. Bathtime never looked so tasty. 


Buriti Booster

Never heard of buriti before? You’ve been missing out. This essential oil, named after ‘the tree of life’, provides natural protection against pollution and UV. BYBI’s stylish mini booster is great for giving every day a little extra vitality. A beautiful Mother’s Day gift that she’ll be using all year long. 


Milk Chocolate Coffee Dusted Hazelnuts

Sweet? Mature? A little bit nuts? Definitely sounds like mum. These milk chocolate hazelnuts are bursting with the earthy flavours of coffee. Deliciously decadent, they’re a firm favourite with chocolate experts and we bet mum will go nuts for them too. 


Lemongrass & Ginger Organic Supertea  

Ever wondered where supermums get their energy? Well, this rejuvenating blend from Teministeriet is a good place to start. Made from just two ingredients, this powerful tea certainly packs a punch. It makes a fabulous addition to a Mother’s Day gift box. 


Black Bursa Fig Preserve 

If you’re looking for something a little different, try this delicious fig preserve from Single Variety Co. Made from delicate Turkish figs, this tangy blend is great for cheeses and fruits. It’s even perfect on porridge. A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for foodies.


Greco Large Paper Vase 

Mother’s Day is all about flowers. But why not go the extra mile and get mum a beautiful home for them? This eye-catching design from interior designers Octaevo is perfect for showing off those Mother’s day bouquets. The best part is, you can use it again and again. 


V&A Leicester Print Mug 

We fell in love with this mug the minute we saw it. We’re sure that mum will too. This enamel mug features one of J.H. Dearle’s iconic Leicester prints. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for the kitchen or the garden. The perfect Mother’s Day gift for green-fingered family.  


Wood sage & sea salt candle 

This gorgeous candle from Bookblock makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The comforting blend of wood sage and sea salt will remind mum of days by the seaside. All you need to do is bring the fish and chips. 


Pimlico Bucket List Notebook 

Give the gift of a little me time with this thoughtful bucket list notebook. With 100 pages of premium paper, this A5 notebook is the perfect place to plan her next adventure. Guaranteed to make Mother’s Day unforgettable. 

Bookblock Guide to Luxurious Milestone Gifts 

Golden Wedding Anniversary gifts

It wouldn’t be a 50th wedding anniversary without a bit of gold. For a truly luxurious Golden Wedding Anniversary gift, try the Golden Bar Calissons Box from confectioners Le Roy René. These exquisite French treats combine candied fruit, smooth ground almonds and rich royal icing for a truly regal sensation. Sweet, fruity and served in an eye-catching golden box, they make a fantastic addition to a 50th wedding anniversary box. 


Silver Wedding Anniversary gifts

25 years of marriage is no mean feat. So celebrate in style with some luxurious goodies from our food and drink collection. Our top pick? This fabulous Akiraka tea from Japanese brewers Umu. Wrapped in a beautiful silver sleeve, this blend is famous for its health-giving properties. A green tea at heart, it carries a rich golden colour and is bursting with antioxidants. Pair it with one of our silver glass tea makers for a perfect wedding anniversary gift. 


50th birthday gifts

The big 5-0 should be celebrated in style. If you’re looking for 50th birthday gifts for him, look no further than this Ashwood Shaving Brush by grooming experts Meraki. Crafted by hand and displayed in a stylish travel bag, this brush makes a great gift for the distinguished gent in your life.  Or if you need a 50th birthday gift for her, try Institut Karite’s nourishing Honey and Almond Body Milk.  Infused with shea butter, it’s perfect for the morning after the big bash and makes a truly luxurious treat. 


60th birthday gifts 

Turning 60 is the perfect time to spoil your loved ones with some luxurious goodies. For her, try these Night Bloom Bathing Salts from Scottish firm Aster and Bay. Himalayan pink salt gives these relaxing salts an extra hint of decadence. Gents meanwhile will love this stylish Harrison Slim Flask by Viski. Its stainless steel finish makes it perfect for enjoying a wee dram on the big day. 


80th birthday gifts 

It’s time to pull out all the stops. This 12-year-old whisky by Caol Illa is smooth, sweet and ever so mature. Just like them then. Add it to a birthday gift box for an extra touch of luxury. Or if you prefer your booze with a little more bite, try this signature Truffle Beer Barrel from Lauenstein Confiserie. Made by hand in Germany, these silky-smooth treats are bursting with rich liqueur.  They make a wonderful addition to an 80th birthday gift box. 


A Simple Guide to Building a Thoughtful Gift Box

Definitely, anyone who manages to piece together a gift box that truly tickles the recipient’s fancy deserves commendation. These tricky parcels can be difficult to create, demanding a strong sense of cohesiveness, relevance, and of course, aesthetic.

If you’re thinking of building a thoughtful gift box for a wedding, a birthday, or even Valentine’s day, these simple suggestions can lead you towards gift-giving success.

Curating Appropriate Content

Perhaps the most important aspect of your gift box is its content. Oftentimes, people will struggle to identify the ideal items that go inside a box. And even if you have a rough idea of what to include, adding the proper variety can be another hurdle to overcome.

When curating the content for your gift box, there are three aspects that deserve your consideration. These are:

  • Theme
  • Personality
  • Contrast

For obvious reasons, it’s imperative that you consider the occasion the gift box is for. This should give you an idea as to which items will be relevant for your purpose. On the other hand, some inclusions might not be as apparent, but still make thoughtful additions to your gift box.

For instance, baby shower gift boxes don’t have to always contain the obvious baby essentials or maternity needs. Considering the kind of stress and achy physique that a mother with child might experience, items that focus on relaxation and release can be considerate additions.

Personality-wise, your gift should consider the unique character of your recipient. Do you know them to be energetic, lively, and vibrant? Or are they more reserved and collected? Part of the charm of a gift box is that its customized, especially put together for your beloved receiver.

Finally, contrast should add a touch of variety and dimension to your box. For example, one element for self-care, another for indulgence, and another for sensory stimulation can all come together to create a holistic box. That’s why a scented lotion, decadent chocolate, and a bag of fragrant potpourri can all work well in the same box.

gift box curation

Achieving High-End Aesthetic

Aesthetic will be a big part of the wow-factor, giving your box more oomph and making it even more delightful to unpack and explore. As a general rule, your chosen items should follow a specific aesthetic theme, using vibrant packaging of the same decorative style.

Selecting inclusions of different sizes and shapes can also make your gift more dynamic. Large scented candles paired with irregularly shaped healing crystals can create a beautiful visual, especially with other smaller trinkets filling in the gaps.

Of course, there is a limit. Sometimes, finding too many items inside a box can feel overwhelming and thus the thoughtful character is replaced by a sense of frantic, erratic guesswork. Put careful consideration into your additions and limit the items between 5 to 7, taking into account the size of your box and the extravagance of the event.

But aside from the items themselves, the way in which they’re presented inside the box can also make a big difference. Adding a tasteful backdrop for your gifts can make your box look fuller, giving a variation of texture to highlight each element it contains.

A common favorite is packing straw that creates contrast between your items’ smooth outlines and the bed on which they lay. Organic materials are always best for achieving this effect, as no one wants to pack too much unnecessary plastic for eco-conscious reasons.

aesthetic gift boxes

Closing the box is another story. Beautiful, streamlined wooden boxes with clean edges and organic grain shining through can be beautiful enough when sealed with a satin ribbon. Of course, a closed box can also enhance feelings of excitement, which is a typical goal in gift giving.

However, there are more ways to present a gift box than to simply hand it over closed. Some givers enjoy presenting with the concept of abundance, deliberately using a smaller box packed with items that seem to overflow just a little beyond its outlines. Then the lid is placed underneath the box, and the whole gift is wrapped in mesh or cellophane to give the recipient a clear view of the items from the get-go.

Ultimately, choosing whether to close or open your box depends on your preference and the event you’re celebrating. More intimate, formal gatherings like bridal showers and weddings might warrant a more discreet gift box.

Determining the Proper Cost

The subtle beauty of a gift box is that it’s often impossible to tell how much it costs. That’s because they allow you the leverage of presentation, making affordable items look far more elite simply by the way they’re packed together.

Even then, it would be appropriate to consider the cost of the gift box as a whole to ensure it’s befitting for the occasion. Naturally, weddings will warrant gift boxes of greater cost and more luxurious contents, incorporating his and her elements, or items for the couple to enjoy together.

More affordable gift boxes for birthdays can be more casual and cost-efficient, incorporating visually pleasing elements that don’t necessarily have to push the limits of your budget.

organic gift boxes

A Delicate Art

The careful process of piecing together a gift box that’s well thought-out, visually enchanting, and relevant to your recipient can be a daunting task. These dynamic gifts take more time and deliberate effort, requiring your awareness of your loved one’s personal taste and needs, and your ability to create something that’s stimulating to the senses.

The next time you find yourself in a position to offer a gift box, make sure it counts. Follow these steps to build your own box, or visit Bookblock for tastefully crafted gift boxes for every season and occasion you might need them for.

7 Best Gift Boxes Inspirations From All Over The World

Ikigai Gift Boxes

1. Japan

 Known for its beautiful tea ceremonies, harmonious design and delicious food, everything Japan produces is an eyeful, filled with unique flavours and designed to perfection. So why wouldn’t you want to send a Japanese inspired gift box? Add these items to your gift box to ensure that the receiver gets the best of what Japan has to offer.

  • Cultivate & Eat: WasabinaFor a friend with green fingers, add this all-in-one wasabi kit to your Japanese inspired gift box. The kit includes potting mix, seeds and instructions to making it simple to assemble and grow.
  • Akatsuki TeaTea and tea ceremonies are an integral part of Japanese culture, so this Northern Japan Sayama green tea is an excellent introduction to this fascinating part of the country.
  • The Little Book of IkigaiThrough embracing harmony, sustainability and finding joy in little thing, Ken Mogi’s handbook is an awesome Japanese guide finding your purpose. The perfect gift for anyone looking to lead a beautifully balanced life in Japan and beyond.
  • Green Organic Cotton Face TowelFrom the brand Nawrap, which has been around since 1930, this multi-purpose organic cotton face towel is perfect for cleaning away dirt and oil. It is also made with no dyes or chemicals making it soft to the touch.

French Souvenir Gift Box

2. France

There’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you’ than with an indulgent French gift box! From luxurious skincare products to tasty delicacies, the French truly know how to spoil themselves. Add a few of these awesome handcrafted, traditional and delicious items to a French-inspired gift box to ensure that the receiver is spoiled too.

  • ‘Bursting Bubbles’ by Robert WaltersThere’s nothing more French than champagne, so why not add Robert Walters’ ‘Bursting Bubbles’ to this gift box? This book uncovers the artisanal growers who are rewriting the rulebook of this famous region of France.
  • Pâtes de FruitsA French staple are these Pâtes de Fruits. Made by Cruzilles according to the traditional Auvergne recipe, these fruit jellies are the perfect gift for foodies who loves timeless French cookery.
  • Balm VioletteFrom the iconic, French family-run brand, Féret Parfumeur, comes this multi-purpose balm. The 100% natural formula can be used for the face, lips and body for intensive hydration.
  • Mini Bear Tin AmandasTake crunchy and chewy almond nougat and dip it into smooth dark chocolate to create this quintessential French treat. Plus, it is presented in an adorable Mazet Confiseur’s bear tin.


Teministeriet Gift Boxes

3. Sweden

Skip the usual salty liquorice, vodka and cloudberry jam that you can pick up at every souvenir shop, and opt for a gift box of handpicked Swedish products. From Swedish brands like Teministeriet, Älska and L:A Bruket, here are a few items you should consider adding:

  • White Elderflower Champagne TeaPackaged in a Teministeriet’s trademark jar, this lightly infused tea is a blend of white tea, elderflower, peach, and, for indulgence, champagne.
  • Eucalyptus CandleBoth stylish and practical is this eucalyptus oil-infused candle. Known for its stress-relieving properties and is perfect for someone who has started a new job or moved to a new country.
  • Copper Clip SpoonThe perfect addition to a housewarming, Swedish inspired gift box, is this copper clip spoon. Both beautiful to look at and functional, it can be used as a measuring tool at your home bar, or for ground coffee and tea leaves.
  • Lemongrass Ginger Organic SuperteaA blend of lemongrass and ginger – both organically sourced in Sweden – this tea is simple yet delicious. You could pair this with traditional Swedish Pepparkakor (cookies).

British Gift Boxes

4. England

Known for its fresh produce, quaint family-run businesses and exceptional artisanship, England is the perfect place to inspire a gift box. From brands like Savon Stories, Earl of East and Rococo Chocolates, you’re sure to find items to suit anyone needs perfectly.

  • Only By Night Lotion MeltHandmade by the award-winning organic skincare brand Savon Stories, this waterless solid lotion is highly moisturising, absorbs rapidly and sleep-enhancing. Perfect for snowy, English winters when the skin is usually dry.
  • Atlas Cedar 170ml CandleInspired by the Berber villages of Marrakesh, this candle made with a combination of cedarwood, white musk and olive leaf. Made by Earl of East – a brand that is inspired by travel, but made in London.
  • Ling Heather HoneySourced from beehives on the Long Mynd in Shropshire, this honey from London Honey Co. is thick and has am aromatic, rich flavour. Add a touch to a cup of tea for a delicious taste.
  • Gin & Tonic Dark ChocolateMade by Coco Chocolatier, this handmade chocolate bar is a unique creation with botanicals including lemon and lime oil. Who wouldn’t love single origin dark chocolate with a subtle citrus flavour and fresh zing of juniper?


Turkish Gift Boxes

5. Turkey

Known for its handcrafted decor, indulgent skincare and stunning ancient architecture, Turkey is truly a place of beauty. Give a friend, loved one or colleague a taste of this exotic place with a gift box inspired by this detail orientated, wonderful country. Here are a few items to add to this gift box:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil Handmade Natural SoapGive the gift of the scent of Turkey with these handmade natural soaps. Made in the heart of Istanbul by Koku (which means scent in Turkish), this fragrant soap is subtly sweet as it is made of apricot kernel oil.
  • Small TraySend a loved one a little piece of home with this classically designed tray created by one of Turkey’s foremost creators, GRØN. Both elegant and practical, it is the perfect item to place trinkets, pot plants and candles on.
  • Activated Charcoal and Goats Milk Handmade SoapAnother handmade creation from Koku, this soap will take you back to the time of Agatha Christie and Ottoman largesse. Made with activated charcoal and goats milk, it is both soothing and removes dirt.
  • Hand Painted Coasters – MarbleAdd these Turkish designed and hand painted concrete coasters to a gift box. Naturally durable, these coasters are great for adding some colour to any coffee table.


Greek Gift Boxes

6. Greece

From brands like Hatziyiannakis and Biscotti Tsoungari, fill a gift box with a variety of delicious Greek delicacies. The receiver of this Greek-inspired gift box will immediately be transported to the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon or the white sandy beaches of Elafonisi through tastes from Greece.

  • Ios Sweet Cherry PebbleFrom Hatziyiannakis, a brand devoted to quality, these sweet chocolate pebbles are inspired by the island of Ios – a hilly island with cliffs down to the sea. Made of whole, locally grown cherries in amarena syrup which are then coated in dark chocolate and finished in a sugar shell, they are truly indulgent.
  • Honey Biscuits with SesameMade in Greece using honey from Thessaloniki, these biscuits with sesame are both wonderfully crunchy and nutty.
  • Skyros Sweet Walnut PebbleWith walnuts from the island of Skyros that have been dipped in dark chocolate and covered in a thin sugar shell, these sweet pebbles are absolutely mouthwatering.
  • Greco’ Large Paper VaseDesigned by the brand Octaevo is this skilfully crafted, completely waterproof paper vase. This particular vase is inspired by the labyrinths of Greek mythology.


Italian Gift Boxes

7. Italy

From Siena to Sicily, get inspired by the tradition, culture and delicacies of Italy. Fill this gift box with Italian treats from brands like Amarelli and Sabadi, as well as a few things for the receiver’s home. Check out some items:

  • Dark Chocolate Liquorice BarItalian liquorice experts Liquirizia Amarelli have taken the aniseed flavour of liquorice and truly enhanced it with the sweet taste of chocolate.
  • Siena’ Set of 12 CoastersDesigned by a group of explorers, collectors and dreamers, the brand Octaevo has created these 12 beautiful coasters inspired by the sunsets of Siena. Each coaster has a double-sided design of bold geometrics with gold foil accents.
  • Grapefruit and Marjoram Organic CandiesMade using orange blossom from Sicilian black honeybees, these hard sweets are indeed a treat. To help balance the sweetness and give a wonderfully rounded flavour, grapefruit and marjoram are added. Plus it is both gluten-free and vegan!
  • Sassolini Liquorice PebblesFor a moreish bite, add these liquorice pebbles to your Italian inspired gift box. Amarelli’s rich Italian liquorice is coated in a fine sugar shell and decorated to match the colours of Calabria.


Keep it local with these gift boxes inspired by countries all over the world. Perfect for a ‘welcome’, ‘thank you’ or ‘miss you’ gift, we hope that a few of our favourite items make it into your gift box.

Our Autumn Gift Box; Essentials This Season

With summer officially over, it’s time to put away the swimsuits and SPF, and get ready for candles and all things cosy as the season changes with an autumn gift box. Soon, the clocks go back which means we get an extra hour of rest but darker evenings. It indicates that winter is well and truly on the way and it’s time to start prepare for the colder weather. We’ve put together a list of things to stock up this autumn, including a candle, chocolate and natural skincare.

Jones The Bones Muscle and Joint Oil by Bathing Beauty Natural Skincare

Autumn Gift Box Joint Oil

Made with a lovely blend of Wild Hypericum, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and Marjoram, this award-winning, 100% natural muscle massage oil is a big favourite of ours. Handmade with ingredients well renowned for their healing and anti-inflammatory purposes, this Muscle and Joint Oil works to calm and soothe. Reducing muscle spasms and stimulating blood flow, it’s effective for everyone from athletes to office workers. For those with arthritis or sore muscles, this is an effective therapeutic oil to help during the colder months. Add this to your autumn gift box.

Viagem Candle by Earl of East

Autumn Gift Box Candle

With so many scents to choose from, Earl of East candles are ideal for colder months with a 24-hour burn life. Earl of East  are a home fragrance brand, inspired by travel and made in London. Founded in 2015 by Niko and Paul, their line now includes seven signature scents in three different sizes to choose from. Coming from the Portuguese word for ‘journey’, viagem is inspired by the mellow city of Lisbon. Hand poured and made with a delicate combination of coconut, oregano and fig, it’s perfect for those looking to relax and unwind.

William Morris Thief Reusable Coffee Cup 14oz by eCoffee Cup

Autumn Gift Box Coffee

A must-have in the cold weather for an autumn gift box, we’re bringing this reusable cup by eCoffee Cup everywhere with us for our coffee and tea top-ups (and just to keep warm!) Inspired by legendary artist and eco-warrior William Morris, the classic, pretty design and modern functionality come together to make a beautiful, practical gift. The cup has a resealable drip-free lid and it’s dishwasher safe too, so this is perfect for eco-conscious friends.

Jones The Bones Bath Salts by Bathing Beauty Natural Skincare

Gift Box Bath Salts

Another one by Bathing Beauty Natural Skincare, the Jones the Bones Bath Salts are made with a beautiful blend of Epsom salts and essential oils, including lavender, rosemary and chamomile. Created by Osteopath George Jones, the salts help to ease stiff joints, soothe pains and achy muscles, and can also work to ease symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. The Bath Salts are 100% natural, and are powerful and effective so this is a great product to pop in an evening bath.

Cold Brew Coffee Dark Chocolate by Coco Chocolatier

Gift Box Chocolate

No cosy, autumn gift box is complete without chocolate, and this unique batch from Coco Chocolatier makes for a great gift. With it’s beautiful packaging and hints of blood orange and caramel (thanks to Bonanza beans from El Salvador!), this chocolate is getting us ready for autumn. Roasted coffee gives this single origin dark chocolate a powerful caffeine punch, guaranteed to help wake you up and give you that boost you need in the cold mornings.

Bookblock Guide to Sending a Group Gift

Rally the troops

The key to a good group gift is finding the right gifters. So decide early who’s chipping in. Is the whole office waving farewell to a colleague? Or is it just a few close friends saying congratulations? If it’s only a handful of you, why not pick a present each from our food, drink and homeware collections? Or if you’re feeling brave, take the title of chief gift selector. Our other gift guides are always on hand for a spot of inspiration. 


Pick a theme 

Who’s your gift box for? A film buff? A foodie? Having a theme can make finding the ideal gifts even easier. You can always check out our pre-curated collection for ready-made gift boxes for any personality. 


A few of our favourites 

From leaving gifts to congratulations presents, we’ve travelled the globe to find you the finest gifts from the world’s best creators. Here are a few of our favourites for building the perfect group gift. 

Pistachio, Cardamom, Saffron & 23ct Gold Drinking Chocolate

Whatever the occasion, this opulent drinking chocolate from Aneesh Popat is a sure-fire winner. Under the title of The Chocolatier, Aneesh has been hand-crafting chocolate for years and this regal inspired mix is something truly special. Combining the herbal note of cardamom with the richness of saffron and a nutty hit of pistachio, each sip is celebratory. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll find flecks of edible 23ct gold for an extra touch of luxury. It’s completely dairy-free too so it’s great for any taste. Add it to a leaving gift box for an unforgettable farewell. 


Black Label Brut Champagne

There’s no better congratulations gift than a bottle of bubbly. And this miniature Black Label Brut from French specialists Lanson is a fabulous way to say well done. Hand-crafted by experts, this crisp champagne is bursting with notes of honey and amber while its delicate finish makes for a truly showstopping tipple. 


Pair it with a piece of Comptoir du Cacao’s Strawberry Ruby Chocolate for a taste of the great British summer. Or enjoy with Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel Popcorn. The buttery treat goes brilliantly with sparkling wines. The ideal combination for a food lovers gift box. 


Monarch Playing Cards

Every good group gift needs something to bring the gang together. These regal Monarch Playing Cards are the perfect excuse for gathering for a game night. With a vintage design and a gold foil finish, they add a hint of luxury to any game. 


Check out our collection of pamper, food and lifestyle gifts and start building your custom gift box today. 

The Bookblock Gift Guide To… Back To School Stationery

As soon as September hits and back to school season is in full swing, it’s a stationery lover’s dream. There’s the opportunity to buy new, fresh notebooks with shiny covers and pristine pages, pencil cases, new diaries and everything in-between. Not just a time for kids to stock up, back to school stationery is for everyone who wants that ‘new stationery feeling’, whether you’re heading to school, university or work. It helps you feel prepared, organised and ready to get to work. It’s time to take note.

A5 kristen boydstun editions notebook on Bookblock


Somewhere to write down our reminders, big ideas and lists, a good notebook is a back to school essential. One of our favourites is the A5 Beach Notebook, designed by illustrator Kristen Boydstun. Part of our Editions range, each of the notebooks created by the illustrators are done in their own, distinctive style, making them must-have accessories for unique and artistic stationery lovers. For the Beach Notebook, these illustrations are perfect for the times you need to escape, and help to keep that summer feeling all year round, whatever the weather. For relaxing beach vibes, this soft touch cover notebook is the one to opt for. The pages are made up of lined, grid, plain and illustrated paper for all of your notes, sketching and drawings.

A4 sketchbook on Bookblock


If it’s a sketchbook you’re after for your back to school stationery haul, we’re big fans of the Carmel A4 Sketchbook. Big enough for all your drawings and sketching, but small enough that it can fit into your bag and be easily carried around, the Carmel Sketchbook is both a convenient but bold choice. It comes perfect bound with a soft touch gridded hard backed cover, and a red elasticated band to keep all of your sketches secure. It features a 1980s Memphis inspired design, where it’s based on three words: radical, funny and outrageous. The perfect sketchbook for an avid designer.

A5 graphic diary on Bookblock


Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, a diary is a personal choice but a must-have for your back to school stationery selection. It has to be the right size, colour and style for you to keep with you for the whole year. Our Graphic A5 Diary in grey is a great way to stay on top of your to-do lists. It’s elegant, sleek and has a two-page week spread to make it easy for all of your notes and jotting down unmissable moments and dates. Great for style-conscious timekeepers.

A5 gratitude journal on Booklock


The Pimlico Gratitude Journal is the place for writing out all of your plans, goals and things that you’re grateful for. The cool, blue notebook is perfect bound and made up of 100 plain, gridded and lined ivory pages and a gold foiled cover to give it a luxurious feel. This is the ideal space for your daily gratitude notes.

Graphic memo pad on Bookblock

Graphic Memo Pad

Sometimes, you just need to jot things down, stick them on a wall or noticeboard or in a notebook and get creative! Whether you’re revising and jotting down key words or planning the next project and brainstorming, memo pads come in handy and should be added onto your back to school stationery list, ASAP. Our colourful three-tiered pad is perfect for getting down thoughts, ideas and inspiration. With three coloured blocks featuring blank and gridded pages, plus an adhesive strip, you’ll never miss a memo again.

Octaevo metallic pencils on Bookblock


These Octaevo Nomad Pencils are the perfect addition to any pencil case. Designed to be a joy to use, they sparkle like glittering sunlight on water, making them an eye-catching highlight for any creative moment. They’re light-weight and easy to grip, and the pencils maintain a strong, smooth line for a pleasant drafting experience.


Bookblock Guide to Never Missing Another Birthday 

Remember remember…

Our top tip for never missing another birthday? A dedicated gift diary. But you don’t have to splash out on a new one every year. Simply pick your favourite from our collection of journals and jotters and make a note of those all-important dates. Our personal favourite? This Industrial A5 notebook from the Editions collection. Its eye-catching design makes it hard to forget so it’s perfect for remembering the days that matter. They also make brilliant birthday gifts for girlfriends!

Blow out the candles

We’re not talking about the ones on top of the cake. We’re talking about this Smoke and Musk Candle from London crafters Earl of East. Rich in green balsam fir, wood smoke and musky patchouli it makes a brilliant birthday gift for men. The best part? It has a burn life of 40 hours so by the time it’s gone, it’s probably time to start looking for next year’s present! Don’t worry, we’ve got a great selection of candles and fragrance for both him and her. 


Memory aids

Memory experts all say that visual aids are great for remembering important dates. Well, look no further than these gorgeous Rose Gold Earrings by Junk Jewels. Their distinctive shape and finish make them the perfect birthday gifts for wives or girlfriends. Plus, every time you see them you’ll have the ideal reminder of their special day.  Add them to a birthday gift box for a little touch of luxury. 


Keep the brain sharp 

Looking for birthday gift ideas that might just boost your memory? Check out this brilliant Pub Quiz from game makers Ridley’s. Pit your wits in ten categories, from history to general knowledge. With over 1000 questions plus a golden trophy for the worthy winner, it makes a brilliant birthday gift. And you never know, all that brain training might just do the memory some good. Now, where did I put that pencil?  


Just in case… 

With so many things to remember, it’s natural that some birthdays slip our mind. The good news is we’ve got you covered just in case you do forget the big day. Bookblock Unlimited keeps track of all your important birthdays so you don’t have to. Send as many cards as you like for one monthly subscription. We’ve even got belated birthday cards… not that you’ll ever miss one of course!

The Bookblock guide to…  Gifts for Teachers

For the sweet tooth 

You can’t beat a bit of chocolate. Luckily we’ve scoured the globe to bring you the artisan creations from expert chocolatiers. For teachers, we recommend Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate by Coco Chocolatier. They’ve taken the world’s finest South American cocoa and combined it with fresh Scottish sea salt for a silky, smooth and sweet sensation. Just like the best teachers, it mixes style and substance. Plus, art lovers will adore its eye-catching design. 

For professor pamper 

Sometimes, the end of term can’t come soon enough. Let them unwind in style with Bon Bon Bubbling Bath from TokyoMilk. Its wich woody aroma is ideal for him and her while vitamin E extract leaves skin feeling nourished and refreshed. Creator Margot Elena specialises in luxury pampering and this bubble bath is rich in avocado oil and Japanese green tea.  It’s perfect for a post-party pick me up.

For the fun lover 

The best teachers are big kids at heart. So do something different and treat them to these Charades Dipsticks from Talking Tables. They’ll love this quick-fire version of the after-dinner classic that’s packed with silly suggestions. Watch them act their way through a classic movie or mime out a masterpiece, all against the clock. It’s family-friendly too so it’s perfect to use at home or in the classroom. Plus, the stylish design looks great on any shelf. Ready, set, dip!

For the cofficianado 

Thank heavens for coffee. The lifeblood of any teacher, it’s the best way to get through double science with year 9. So transform their coffee break with this gorgeous brew from Caravan. These expert baristas having been roasting across London since 2010 and their Daily Blend is an instant classic. It’s got a wonderfully rich aroma, packed with notes of chocolate, almond and caramel. A must for coffee lovers of all ages. Just don’t expect it to last long in the staffroom.  

For the non-stopper

From playground duty to after school clubs, teachers are always on the go. So set them up for another non-stop day with this handy reusable water bottle from US designers Proof. Its solid steel design is sustainable and stylish, ready to handle everyday bumps and bruises. It’s thoughtfully insulated too so you can keep your drinks both hot and cold for hours. Perfect for a spot of tea during a wet and windy netball practice. 

The Bookblock Gift Guide To… Housewarming Gifts

When someone moves into a new home, there are so many gifting options. Do they love cosy nights in or cooking? Are they big tea lovers? Self-professed chocolatiers? A new home is all about making memories, and housewarming gifts should be well-thought out and tailored to them as they start their new journey. Help them get them settled in with gifts that have a personal touch – from French chocolates to orange & cinnamon candles, here are a few options of some housewarming gifts that you’ll want to keep for yourself…

Nawrap green organic hand towel at Bookblock

For Someone Who Loves Natural and Organic…
This Nawrap organic green hand towel is the perfect option for your natural-obsessed friend. It’s delicate but durable, and the history of this brand will make you want to be part of their journey. Founded in the 1930s, Nawrap originally manufactured mosquito nets – they then realised their material was fast-drying, lightweight and soft, so they grew to produce multi-purpose clothes and towels. Their commitment to tradition forgoes modern machinery for traditional weaving techniques. No dyes, no chemicals, just beautifully soft cotton.

Bookblock sandalwood black pepper candle housewarming gift

For Someone Who Is ALL About Scent
A candle is always a good idea. A soothing, comforting atmosphere is just what you need in a new home to unwind after all the stress of unpacking and moving! Our  earthy, bold Sandalwood and Black Pepper candle has base notes of teak and patchouli, and highlights of leather. It’s made with 100% soy wax and all natural fragrances, with a burn time of 40 hours.

Comptoir du Cacao pralines gift box at Bookblock

For The Chocolate Lover
If someone you know who’s moving into a new home is a self-professed chocolate connoisseur, this delicious Praline Gift Box is a necessity. Set in the heart of the French countryside, French chocolatiers Comptoir du Cacao make stunning pure cacao butter chocolates. This selection of six dark chocolate treats including hazelnut, pistachio and coffee flavours is a small, perfectly crafted selection.

Glass tea maker Teministeriet on Bookblock

For The One Who Can’t Stop Drinking Tea
The best tea deserves the best kit! For cosy evenings in and mornings brews, we’re fans of this glass tea maker by Teministeriet. This Swedish speciality tea company creates unique teas and draws inspiration from age-old traditions in the Far East, combined with Scandinavian minimalist design. For something stylish and sleek, this tea maker lets you steep your brew to the perfect strength. Opt for an accompanying tea, like Teministeriet’s Black Vanilla Chai or Stockholm Breakfast Tea.

LA Bruket bath salts gift at Bookblock

For Someone Who’s Favourite Room In The House Is The Bathroom
Make this the first thing on their new bathroom shelf. Made on the west coast of Sweden, L:A BRUKET products are traditional, natural and organic. The No 001 Marigold Bath Salts is a traditional health cure with Marigold, Roses, Lavender, unbleached Sea Salt and essential oils of Marigold, Orange and Geranium. Just a handful of this is needed for a scented, relaxing spa-like treatment at home, making it the perfect housewarming present for someone who’s into their skincare and self-care.

Bookblock Guide to Classic Men’s Gifts Done Well 

Quality over quantity 

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for him, quality goes a long way. That’s why this Harrison slim flask from American designers Viski comes top of the list. Its robust design comes with a stainless steel finish for ultimate durability. Top it up with a dram of whiskey and you’ve got the ideal birthday gift for dad. 


Practicality is key 

Every fella wants a gift that can be used again and again. This adrenaline multi-tool from Gentlemen’s Hardware is packed with everything he could possibly need. Flip open the colourful design and discover wrenches, screwdrivers and a handy bottle opener, all perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re Bear Grylling or Netflix and chilling, this multi-tool is a classic Christmas gift for men.


Stripped back design 

When it comes to homeware, understated design is a sure-fire hit. Luckily, we’ve travelled the globe to find the best homeware brands. And tastemakers will love this concrete vase from Turkish designers GRØN. Sleek, strong and hardwearing, this eye-catching design brings some stipped back chic to bedrooms and living spaces. It looks great on its own or filled with dried eucalyptus. A subtly stylish birthday gift for him.  


Fuss-free grooming

Thanks to the latest wave of male grooming brands, there’s no excuse for boys not to look their best. But when it comes to gifting, keep it simple. First-time groomers will love this cleansing oil from beauty experts Aster & Bay. Rich in hazelnut and organic Italian lemon, this fuss-free oil removes excess dirt and grease to leave skin feeling fresh and moisturised. A welcome addition to any gent’s bathroom routine. 


But first… coffee 

Coffee has quickly become a staple study for men. But they don’t need to know a Guatemalan cortado from a Venetian flat white to appreciate a great brew. This daily blend espresso from Caravan Coffee is a classic concoction that is perfect for everyday use. Filled with notes of almond and caramel, it will appease even the fiercest coffee critic. It makes the perfect addition to a foodie gift box. 


Who doesn’t love socks?

Socks have certainly come a long way. Once the much-maligned stocking filler, they’ve now become fashion staples for discerning gents. These mustard melange numbers from Portuguese designers Escuyer provide comfort and support as well as head-turning design. In fact, these socks are everything a classic gift for him should be – stylish and practical with a healthy slice of fun. 

Need more gift inspiration? Whether you’re looking for best man presents or 40th birthday gifts for men, check out our full range of artisan gifts.   

The Bookblock Gift Guide To… Birthday Gifts For Her

Whether you want to get her birthday gifts for her ultimate wellness evenings in and opt for bath bombs and face creams, or whether you want to go down the practical route and get her notebooks and diaries, we have a mix of presents to help put together presents she’ll really love. Whether it’s your best friend, mum, auntie, sister or girlfriend, these birthday gifts are both thoughtful and practical. 

Gold and cream foiled masterplan notes by Bookblock
Gold and cream foiled masterplan notes by Bookblock

Pimlico Masterplan Notes – For The Notetaker
A notebook is always on our list (you can literally never have too many notebooks!) But, this Bookblock cream notebook is a special one for a birthday treat. Perfectly bound with 100 plain, gridded and lined pages, this is ideal for writing out all of your aspirations. With ivory paper inside and gold foiling on the cover, it’s more than just a standard notebook and will make the receiver even more excited to get organised and start jotting down their plans and goals. It also comes in bright blue, so you’ve got options.

Tokyomilk pink and blue floral handcream on Bookblock
Tokyomilk pink and blue floral handcream on Bookblock

Anthemoessa Hand Cream No.84 – For The Skincare Lover
This Anthemoessa Hand Cream by Tokyomilk is their signature hand cream, containing fragrances like jasmine, salted grapefruit, honeysuckle and sandalwood. Not only does it smell delicious, but it also includes ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond and avocado oil for extra moisture. It offers moisture-rich hydration and comes in beautiful, floral packaging, making a great birthday gift.

Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking on Bookblock
Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking on Bookblock

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – The One Who Is SO Into Comfort
Well-known and renowned for good reason, the Little Book of Hygge is perfect for the minimalist lover in your life. If you know someone who is all about indulging in comfort and cosiness, this book contains the secret that makes Denmark the happiest country in the world. Hygge (meaning cosiness of the soul), is the Danish trend everyone has been talking about for the last few years. This book summarises what Hygge means and how to implement it in your life. It talks about the little things like the power of cocoa by candlelight, sofa time and the other totally relaxing things we should all be doing a little more in our everyday lives.

Rococo pink champagne truffles chocolate gift on Bookblock
Rococo pink champagne truffles chocolate gift on Bookblock

Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles by Rococo Chocolates – The One Who Loves Indulging
Two things that she’ll be happy to unwrap on her birthday: chocolate and champagne. Put both of these together for pure decadence – a total champagne infused delight. The dark chocolate truffles are smothered in rose pink white chocolate with crystallised rose petals and presented in a beautiful Rococo box. Plus, everything is made with ethically sourced ingredients. A real birthday treat.

Lime basil and mandarin white Alska candle gift by Bookblock
Lime basil and mandarin white Alska candle gift by Bookblock

Lime, Basil & Mandarin Candle – For Someone Who Is ALL About Fragrance And Relaxation
Scents that she’ll love: this Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle from Älska is a fresh and fruity mix, making it perfect for someone who’s into their interiors and home decor. It’s luxurious and homely, and comes in a beautifully presented package for that extra special birthday feeling. Added bonuses? It has a 30 hour burn time and it’s made with 100% soy wax. Plus, it’s made with all natural fragrances. A definite must-have.

The Bookblock Gift Guide To… A Baby Shower

One of the main things when gifting for a baby shower? Gift from the heart. Thinking of things that mummy (and baby!) will find not only helpful, but that will make them remember it was a heartfelt, well-thought out present, specifically picked for them. These baby shower gifts are a way to be both functional and personal with your gifts – help ease the stress for expectant parents with a few gifts they’ll love and appreciate:

Minois Genlte Cream on Bookblock shop

Gentle Cream by Minois
The Gentle Cream by Minois Paris is a must-have for expecting parents. This French skincare brand offers a natural care range for babies and children, free from parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicones and artificial colourings, making it perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. All of their products are designed for little ones delicate skin and these gentle formulas can be used from birth onwards.

Ocean Bath Book by Wee Gallery
You’ve got the skincare sorted. Next, it’s time for an educational gift. Wee Gallery came about after two parents learnt about the development of their child, and so came the idea to create sensory baby toys and accessories, through black and white geometric design. Teach them something new with the Ocean Bath book, a beautifully illustrated book for bath time that magically changes colour when dipped into water. ‘Colour Me: Who’s In The Ocean?’ is a great way to introduce children to a range of sea creatures that include a fish, an octopus, and a starfish. It’s squeezable and lightweight, and will guarantee hours of bath time fun.

Bunny Blankie by Angel Dear
Something to sleep with and (hopefully!) give the new parents a chance to get some shut-eye too. The comfy Bunny Blankie is the ultimate security blankie and tagalong, was created by San Francisco Bay company Angel Dear – they make classic baby clothing and accessories with a modern sensibility and attention to details. This super soft, comfy bunny is ideal for tiny hands and is easy to grip thanks to its cashmere touch material. The night-time essential they’ll love you for.

Crochet Lion Booties
Carrying on with our animal theme, these crochet booties are the perfect addition to the gifts for a newborn. Albetta create gorgeous handmade, ethically-accredited toys, baby clothes and gifts, and these Lion Booties are one of our favourites. Each of these have been hand crocheted in soft cotton and would make a colourful addition to any baby’s new wardrobe. Not only are they adorable but they’re also really comfortable and perfect for play time.

Bluebell Bath Essence by Fikkerts
A little something for mum to round off your gifts… Mum-to-be is probably tired, not sleeping great and in need of a bit of relaxation. This Bluebell Bath Essence by Fikkerts is a beautifully fragranced oil, which can be added into a warm bath to create a slightly milky but very moisturising elixir. For a chilled bathing experienced, the mum-to-be receiving this will be looking forward to unwinding. Plus, Fikkerts produce naturally herbal and botanical products, and have been for over a hundred years.

The Bookblock Guide To… Evenings In

For comfort and cosiness, opt for things that have a personal touch – from French chocolates to orange & cinnamon candles, here are a few options to make sure evenings indoors are a no brainer. 

A candle or two… or three
Something you can never have too many of, you can get really creative by picking a different scented candle for each room. For the bedroom, something to help get a good night’s sleep is the Bookblock Orange & Cinnamon candle, (the ultimate winter warmer!) with a comforting blend of smells and perfect for cosy nights in.

For the bathroom, something that creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere is the Viagem Candle by Earl of East, inspired by the city of Lisbon, and made with a delicate combination of coconut, oregano and fig. For the living room, something fresh – English Pear and Freesia by Älska, a heady, sweet and floral scent that has all the aromas of an English summer.

A treat all year around but especially in the colder months, this is the perfect option if someone drinks cups of tea morning, day and night. Start with the Cosmos Turquoise Mug by Porland, 100% porcelain and great for a morning brew. Then, select your tea. Teministeriet, Swedish speciality tea company have a range of unique options and are pretty much our go-to when it comes to all things tea. Opt for unique flavours like White Mulberry (a floral brew which mixes white tea, papaya, apple and mulberry for a rich aroma and smooth finish) and White Elderflower Champagne (a lightly infused tea with a blend of white tea, peach, elderflower and a drop of champagne), or pick from their holistic care range where you have ‘Relax’, ‘Digest’, ‘Boost’, and ‘Sleep’, to choose from.

Gold Clip Spoon
Next is the gold clip spoon – ideal for keeping tea (and coffee) leaves fresh, it’s the perfect blend of form and function, and doubles up as a measure. For a unique tea maker, you can’t go wrong with the glass tea maker by Teministeriet. Sleek and modern, your brew will be delicious, every time. To finish off, (and before setting up camp on the sofa for the rest of the evening), a coaster to add a pop of colour is a good addition. Opt for the set of 12 Capri-inspired coasters, double sided and finished with gold accents. The ultimate tea kit.

Smell and skin
For the skincare fanatic, it’s important to have all of the right products for cosy evenings in and there are so many pamper products to choose from. First, get the place smelling delightful with a Peppermint Grove diffuser. A gorgeous combination of wild jasmine and mint, this diffuser is sophisticated and the best part? It releases fragrances for up to 6 months so it’s perfect for keeping the place smelling fresh and vibrant all the time.

To de-stress, bath bombs are always a lovely gift. It’s something we rarely buy for ourselves unless we’re actively trying to indulge in some self-care, so for unwinding, bath time is a necessity. This lavender scented bath bomb from Meraki is both fragrant and moisturising, and it’s a definite reminder to engage in the Danish concept of hygge. Designed and developed in Denmark, Meraki creates products with a Scandinavian aesthetic with ingredients carefully selected because of their quality and natural aromas. This bath bomb contains shea butter and olive oil, so it’s the ultimate nourishment.  

Pamper gifts are only complete when you add in something solely for the skin – this No 101 Facial Cream Rich by L:A Bruket (made with all natural ingredients) is a great choice. Carrying on with that moisturising and nourishing feel, this can be used as both a day or night cream, so use this before you hop onto the sofa with a cup of the tea. It has extract of carrots to stimulate the skins production of collagen, shea butter to protect, heal and add antioxidants, and bergamot, which has an antiseptic, healing and calming effect. Ideal for evenings in.

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