Bookblock’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts

Now more than ever it’s so important to be thinking about our environmental impact. If you’re wondering how to be more eco-friendly, Bookblock has a range of wonderful products to help make it easier for us all to do this. You can show off your new gifts with the knowledge that they’re helping to create a healthier environment!

At Bookblock we are striving to help make a difference to the environment, with the help of our eco-friendly gifts. This blog gives a walk-through of these products and why they are such great gift box ideas and alternatives.


Kitchenware – Drinking

Let’s start with a very popular reusable product, straws. Our Reusable Bamboo Straws by Jungle Culture are completely natural, durable, and long-lasting. Each straw comes with a jute pouch which makes it easier to take the straw out and about. As a result, it’s a great seamless switch from plastic. As these products are well-known and tend to be a go-to for a first switch up, these eco gifts make great little additions to a gift box.

Jungle Culture works closely with farmers and artisan craftspeople in Vietnam to create unique products that encourage a healthy, waste-free lifestyle. They also help to give back to the communities that helped to produce them. 

We are so happy to be sharing their products with you and your loved ones. Which is why our next product is another of Jungle Culture’s, our Bamboo Drinking Cup. These large drinking cups are cut using a single piece of organic bamboo and polished to create the perfect vessel for your morning smoothie or tropical cocktail! Furthermore, we love this smooth, sleek finish and shape and think they work wonderfully as environmentally friendly gifts.

Jungle Culture straw and cup with green leaf decoration

Jungle Culture Reusable Bamboo Straw and Bamboo Drinking Cup


Kitchenware – Eating

Continuing with our Jungle Culture friends, we have our Geometric Coconut Bowl & Spoon. They are natural, organic, and chemical-free, which is brilliant. Each bowl comes with an accompanying bamboo spoon in plastic-free packaging. As you can see, the bowl has beautiful wooden markings and striking geometric carvings, as does the spoon with the wood grain.

If you have friends that love creating sustainable smoothie bowls and healthy salad bowls, they are great
eco gifts. Like the bamboo cup and straws, they are light-weight and durable. 

Jungle Culture Bowl & Spoon with illustrated fruit decoration

Jungle Culture Geometric Coconut Bowl & Spoon


Staying within the theme of kitchenware, next is our Bamboo Reusable Cutlery Set. With its jute presentation bag, you can conveniently store the durable and water-resistant knife, fork, spoon, straw and coconut cleaning brush. This set is wonderful if you and your friends are wanting to go further than a straw switch-up as it includes all your everyday cutlery. Additionally, it has a gorgeous blue colour on the eco friendly packaging bag and lovely wood grain.

Jungle Culture Bamboo Cutlery with monstera leaf decoration

Jungle Culture Bamboo Reusable Cutlery Set

Food & Drink

For food and drink, our luxury loose leaf tea envelopes make perfect little eco friendly gifts. We have two to choose from; Body Boost and Relax & Unwind. Both include a 100% cotton reusable tea bag, so you can keep your loose tea with you on the go. Moreover, this also removes any faff from brewing loose leaf tea.
Discover Body Boost with rich flavours of Oolong, Green Yerba Mate, Lemon, White Tea, Blue Cornflowers and Sunflowers all mixed into a luxury blend. Or, Relax & Unwind with flavours of Rosehip, Anise, Raspberry, Nettle, Liquorice, Rooibos, Clove, Calendula and Safflower Petals.
We absolutely love the packaging for these teas, with textured landscapes in beautiful colours and gold foiled text for a classy finish.

Bookblock loose leaf teas with tree and cloud decoration

Bookblock Body Boost and Relax & Unwind Loose Leaf Teas


Pamper & Beauty

Next, we want to talk about some of our great beauty products as it’s always good to have the option of eco friendly gifts to pamper yourself with.

First is our Eco Wool Felted Lavender Soap in grey or white. If you haven’t discovered the wonders of wool felted soap, it’s definitely time to. The felt covering improves grip, gently exfoliates skin, and helps the soap last longer. Wool is naturally breathable, antibacterial and odour resistant, making it the perfect covering. The soap itself is gently scented with relaxing lavender to add to the soothing feel.
In regards to their appearances, you have a choice of grey and white to choose from. Both are looked after in gorgeous marble print boxes, making them lovely additions to a pamper gift box.

Grey and White Eco Wool Soap with a grey marble background

White and Grey Eco Wool Felted Lavender Soap


On the more practical side, we have our Natural Deodorant by Milk and Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor.
Firstly, the Natural Deodorant offers natural skin care and eliminates pollutants such as the traditional aerosol cans. It’s designed to keep you fresh and odourless throughout the day by melting effortlessly into the skin. We love that this is great for skin and great for the environment.
Secondly, our Bamboo Safety Razor has a double edge and is precision engineered and perfectly weighted for a seamless zero-waste shaving experience. As a unisex product made to last, they work great as eco friendly gifts for any friends. Their bamboo handle provides a good grip and comfort and the stainless-steel safety guard prevents cuts and irritation. Included with the razor is an organic jute carry pouch and a plastic-free gift box for environmentally friendly packaging.

Milk Natural Deodorant and Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor with leaf decoration

Milk Natural Deodorant and Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor


We hope this blog has been a good walk-through for the environmentally friendly gifts we provide and has helped provide some inspiration as to how to be more eco-friendly. You can find out more about our gift packaging and the materials we use in our previous blog Eco Friendly Gifts from Bookblock

Alternatively, have a browse through our website to see our full range of eco friendly gifts for your friends and family.