Bookblock Guide to Building the Perfect Gift Box Under £30

Great gifting shouldn’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for congratulations gifts or engagements presents, it’s often the little gestures that make the biggest difference. So however big your budget is, we’ve got the ideal gifts for you. Our guide to building the perfect gift box for under £30 is full of unique gift ideas that are great for giving and even better for your wallet. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite goodies for thrifty gifters.

Start with a classic 

Everyone is talking about it, it’s a golden creation from French artisans Comptoir du Cacao. The white chocolate carries a rich biscuity flavour and is topped with decadent shards of salted butter caramel. The perfect gift for sweet toothed friends and family Its timeless appeal makes it a great congratulations gift while chocolate lovers will adore the tempting sneak peak at the chocolate design. Classic and utterly delicious, it’s a lovely addition to any gift box.  If you’re looking for something a little more fun or simple, check out the rest of the Comptoir Du Cacao range. In our opinion, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. 


Do something different 

If you haven’t tried a real toreador, you’re in for a treat. True to its name, the Toreador is one for the bullfighters. But this miniature masterpiece puts a fruity twist on a Margarita. It’s out with the Triple sec and in with the zesty combination of Olmeca Altos tequila, apricot brandy and orange bitters. Not only is it divine but it’s also a cost-effective way to sample and find a new bar favourite. Punchy design, and a zingy kick! 


Add a little sparkle 

Everybody loves a bit of glitz and glamour and designer label! This classy bath bomb is inspired by designer fragrance L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake. Enjoy a blend of summer fruits with melon and juicy mandarin. Drop into the tub and watch as this golden concoction creates an unforgettable bath. Just lie back, relax and feel your troubles fizz away.  Great for your skin and easy on the purse strings, it’s perfect for an engagement gift box. It not only smells ‘designer it looks it too.


Make it memorable 

To be truly unforgettable, the best gift boxes have something that can be used again and again. Step forward William Morris’ iconic Willow Bough Leaf wallpaper print mug by V&A. It’s elegant yet durable, tough enough to be used every day. Add it to a congratulations gift box and give them a little keepsake of you. Or why not get two for a low-cost housewarming gift? It’s a particular favourite with our green fingered friends!


Finish with something personal   

A notebook is a beautiful way to wrap up a gift box. And we’ve got dozens of inspiring designs to choose from. But for the perfect gift box under £30, we recommend this beautiful Graphic A5 Notebook. Designed by our expert team, this paperback journal is ideal for taking notes or planning their next adventure. It comes with a range of plain, lined and dotted pages so it’s perfect for everyday use. Add it to an engagement present gift box for something extra special.