Marylou Faure / illustrator /

Bubbly, cheeky and full of life: Marylou knows how to tick all the boxes

French illustrator Marylou Faure encapsulates the height of summer: your toes touching the hot sand, the first lick of an ice-lolly, jumping into a bright blue pool. You can’t help but smile at Marylou’s take on the world as she injects humour and a vibrant colour palette into the mundane. Through vibrant colours and bold line her insights into modern relationships sit brilliantly between the real and imagined, often personifying objects in her uniquely bubbly format.

Marylou works on all manner of projects from animations to printed matter. Her unique style brings us blaring colour choices, bubbly shapes and a cheeky approach to exploring the humorous side of life. Marylou’s bold, fun and confident style leaves you wanting more, exploring the fun of the every day.

Bookblock Favourite

Bubble Gum

Absolutely love this vibrant design - it's cheeky style made it the perfect card for my sister's birthday!

Sophie, Designer & Illustrator at Bookblock

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