Brand Spotlight: Peppermint Grove

Creating a luxurious collection handmade in Australia, Peppermint Grove products range from candles, diffusers, bath & body products and gift sets, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Taking familiar scents to a new level, the brand was inspired by the “opulence of grand old estates, stunning private gardens and heirloom antiques,” and captures the remarkable beauty and charm of Australian living. The products are designed to fragrance your home and create a luxury feel.

All of the scents are carefully curated with the purpose of encapsulating a unique part of the Australian landscape, bringing luxury and timeless sophistication to modern day contemporary living.

Each Peppermint Grove product is hand poured in a highly polished custom-designed vessel that is unique to the brand, with a polished silver lid (which also works as a coaster to protect all surfaces!) Everything is sourced in an environmentally friendly manner, made with soy wax, and no products are tested on animals.

Peppermint Grove beauty bar with freesia and berries

Patchouli & Bergamot Beauty Bar
With bergamot and mandarin orange top notes, this triple milled beauty bar is enriched with Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. It creates a rich soapy lather that leaves skin delightfully clean, nourished and wonderfully fragrant. It’s a truly sensual fragrance and this is associated with free thinking communities like Byron Bay.

Peppermint Grove lemongrass lime hand cream

Lemongrass & Lime Hand Cream
This light-weight hand cream leaves skin delightfully smooth and is perfect for carrying with you everyday. Enriched with nourishing Almond, Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba oils, and with added SPF15, the formula is non-greasy so it leaves skin feeling moisturised, protected and smelling incredible. The invigorating and refreshing fragrance heightens the senses, reminiscent of the Daintree Rainforest. Fragrance family? Citrus.

Peppermint Grove freesia and berries bath salts

Freesia & Berries Bath Salt
As far as relaxing bath salts go, the Freesia & Berries by Peppermint Grove is the ideal go-to for winding down. A sweet yet comforting fragrance with top notes of rose, raspberries, fresh strawberries and touches of jasmine and cyclamen, these bath salts completely indulge the senses and leave skin feeling smooth and nourished. Simply pour two scoops of these into a bath and once dissolved, the salts release their romantic scent.

Peppermint Grove mint and jasmine reed diffuser

Wild Jasmine & Mint Room Diffuser
An incredible scent, this combination of wild jasmine and mint makes this diffuser instantly sophisticated. With an oil-based formula, the diffuser releases fragrance for up to 6 months. Ideal for any room in the house, this scent is inspired by the private gardens found in the Australian Blue Mountains.

The Bookblock Gift Guide To… Housewarming Gifts

When someone moves into a new home, there are so many gifting options. Do they love cosy nights in or cooking? Are they big tea lovers? Self-professed chocolatiers? A new home is all about making memories, and housewarming gifts should be well-thought out and tailored to them as they start their new journey. Help them get them settled in with gifts that have a personal touch – from French chocolates to orange & cinnamon candles, here are a few options of some housewarming gifts that you’ll want to keep for yourself…

Nawrap green organic hand towel at Bookblock

For Someone Who Loves Natural and Organic…
This Nawrap organic green hand towel is the perfect option for your natural-obsessed friend. It’s delicate but durable, and the history of this brand will make you want to be part of their journey. Founded in the 1930s, Nawrap originally manufactured mosquito nets – they then realised their material was fast-drying, lightweight and soft, so they grew to produce multi-purpose clothes and towels. Their commitment to tradition forgoes modern machinery for traditional weaving techniques. No dyes, no chemicals, just beautifully soft cotton.

Bookblock sandalwood black pepper candle housewarming gift

For Someone Who Is ALL About Scent
A candle is always a good idea. A soothing, comforting atmosphere is just what you need in a new home to unwind after all the stress of unpacking and moving! Our  earthy, bold Sandalwood and Black Pepper candle has base notes of teak and patchouli, and highlights of leather. It’s made with 100% soy wax and all natural fragrances, with a burn time of 40 hours.

Comptoir du Cacao pralines gift box at Bookblock

For The Chocolate Lover
If someone you know who’s moving into a new home is a self-professed chocolate connoisseur, this delicious Praline Gift Box is a necessity. Set in the heart of the French countryside, French chocolatiers Comptoir du Cacao make stunning pure cacao butter chocolates. This selection of six dark chocolate treats including hazelnut, pistachio and coffee flavours is a small, perfectly crafted selection.

Glass tea maker Teministeriet on Bookblock

For The One Who Can’t Stop Drinking Tea
The best tea deserves the best kit! For cosy evenings in and mornings brews, we’re fans of this glass tea maker by Teministeriet. This Swedish speciality tea company creates unique teas and draws inspiration from age-old traditions in the Far East, combined with Scandinavian minimalist design. For something stylish and sleek, this tea maker lets you steep your brew to the perfect strength. Opt for an accompanying tea, like Teministeriet’s Black Vanilla Chai or Stockholm Breakfast Tea.

LA Bruket bath salts gift at Bookblock

For Someone Who’s Favourite Room In The House Is The Bathroom
Make this the first thing on their new bathroom shelf. Made on the west coast of Sweden, L:A BRUKET products are traditional, natural and organic. The No 001 Marigold Bath Salts is a traditional health cure with Marigold, Roses, Lavender, unbleached Sea Salt and essential oils of Marigold, Orange and Geranium. Just a handful of this is needed for a scented, relaxing spa-like treatment at home, making it the perfect housewarming present for someone who’s into their skincare and self-care.

The Bookblock Gift Guide To… Birthday Gifts For Her

Whether you want to get her birthday gifts for her ultimate wellness evenings in and opt for bath bombs and face creams, or whether you want to go down the practical route and get her notebooks and diaries, we have a mix of presents to help put together presents she’ll really love. Whether it’s your best friend, mum, auntie, sister or girlfriend, these birthday gifts are both thoughtful and practical. 

Gold and cream foiled masterplan notes by Bookblock
Gold and cream foiled masterplan notes by Bookblock

Pimlico Masterplan Notes – For The Notetaker
A notebook is always on our list (you can literally never have too many notebooks!) But, this Bookblock cream notebook is a special one for a birthday treat. Perfectly bound with 100 plain, gridded and lined pages, this is ideal for writing out all of your aspirations. With ivory paper inside and gold foiling on the cover, it’s more than just a standard notebook and will make the receiver even more excited to get organised and start jotting down their plans and goals. It also comes in bright blue, so you’ve got options.

Tokyomilk pink and blue floral handcream on Bookblock
Tokyomilk pink and blue floral handcream on Bookblock

Anthemoessa Hand Cream No.84 – For The Skincare Lover
This Anthemoessa Hand Cream by Tokyomilk is their signature hand cream, containing fragrances like jasmine, salted grapefruit, honeysuckle and sandalwood. Not only does it smell delicious, but it also includes ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond and avocado oil for extra moisture. It offers moisture-rich hydration and comes in beautiful, floral packaging, making a great birthday gift.

Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking on Bookblock
Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking on Bookblock

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – The One Who Is SO Into Comfort
Well-known and renowned for good reason, the Little Book of Hygge is perfect for the minimalist lover in your life. If you know someone who is all about indulging in comfort and cosiness, this book contains the secret that makes Denmark the happiest country in the world. Hygge (meaning cosiness of the soul), is the Danish trend everyone has been talking about for the last few years. This book summarises what Hygge means and how to implement it in your life. It talks about the little things like the power of cocoa by candlelight, sofa time and the other totally relaxing things we should all be doing a little more in our everyday lives.

Rococo pink champagne truffles chocolate gift on Bookblock
Rococo pink champagne truffles chocolate gift on Bookblock

Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles by Rococo Chocolates – The One Who Loves Indulging
Two things that she’ll be happy to unwrap on her birthday: chocolate and champagne. Put both of these together for pure decadence – a total champagne infused delight. The dark chocolate truffles are smothered in rose pink white chocolate with crystallised rose petals and presented in a beautiful Rococo box. Plus, everything is made with ethically sourced ingredients. A real birthday treat.

Lime basil and mandarin white Alska candle gift by Bookblock
Lime basil and mandarin white Alska candle gift by Bookblock

Lime, Basil & Mandarin Candle – For Someone Who Is ALL About Fragrance And Relaxation
Scents that she’ll love: this Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle from Älska is a fresh and fruity mix, making it perfect for someone who’s into their interiors and home decor. It’s luxurious and homely, and comes in a beautifully presented package for that extra special birthday feeling. Added bonuses? It has a 30 hour burn time and it’s made with 100% soy wax. Plus, it’s made with all natural fragrances. A definite must-have.

Tea Trends In 2019

In the UK, 165 million cups of tea are consumed everyday by 51 million tea drinkers, and although speciality teas are bigger than ever, classic traditional teas are still well-loved. With wellness teas on the rise and new flavours and options popping up regularly, we want to know what types of teas are the most popular and on the rise this year.

Whether we’re opting for an English Breakfast or going for a herbal tea, there are so many choices. So, what are some of the major tea trends that we should be looking out for in 2019? We read through the Tetley Tea report, and here’s what we found:

Tea trends at work

Tea at work improves productivity
Having a tea break at work is actually a really good thing, and it actually outperforms coffee with 47% of people drinking tea every time they’re in the workplace. Whether you’re grabbing a green tea (the 2nd most popular blend in the workplace) in between meetings and calls, or enjoying a brew with colleagues, it’s no surprise that having a tea break can increase productivity, benefiting both businesses and employees. The tea trends for this year show that the top 3 factors for choosing tea in the workplace are:

  • 44% of people go for a cup of tea to break up the day
  • 30% enjoy a cuppa to quench thirst
  • 28% of people say it’s just out of habit

Tea trends fruit or hygge

The experience is key
Tea is now about more than just making a quick cup in the morning and drinking it in a hurry. It’s about the experience, enjoyment and finding a new way to take pleasure in something small. The idea of ‘hygge’ has become more and more popular with it being an act of self-care to enjoy small rituals everyday, and the idea of ‘comfort’ and ‘cosiness’. Plus, there’s the idea of sophistication – whether it’s visiting a renowned British place for a ‘high-tea’ or ‘afternoon tea’ experience, it’s a concept that’s appealing.

Yes to new flavours
An unlikely finding in the tea trends for 2019 is that black tea is still a clear favourite when it comes to popular choices. But fruit, herbal and green teas have definitely grown in popularity, particularly since the well-being trend has become more prominent with millennials. So, the idea of offering fruit and herbal infusions is a key way to attract a younger audience, by demonstrating the various benefits of different blends. The most popular blends for people to consume out of home (other than black tea) are Green Tea (18%), Speciality Black Tea (17%), Herbal Tea (15%), Fruit Tea (14%) and Matcha Tea (3%). Matcha and Green tea are the two blends that consumers are happy to pay a little more for. People also want new tastes and flavours – natural, more earthy flavours and variations from matcha tea and kombucha.

With the rise of cold brews and botanicals, there is no ‘one’ type of tea anymore.

Tea trends herbal

We’re more selective about our dietary choices and often choose healthier beverages
With the rise of the health and wellness trend, particularly amongst millennials, consumers are looking for healthier options, and ingredients with more nutritional benefits. There’s a much higher demand now for functional food and drink options with health benefits focused on self-care, and this is only expected to grow over the next few years. Since 1 in 2 people in the UK already take daily vitamins, it’s now more important than ever for the new generation of tea drinkers to choose drinks with functional ingredients to help maintain a healthy lifestyle – matcha, protein, turmeric and ginger to name a few.

A report by National Tea Day talked about the way different types of tea drinkers perceive tea and the difference in how they associate it. For example, when it comes to different generations, traditionalists look at tea more as a “builder’s brew,” whereas modern consumers and new tea drinkers see it more as an experience. Traditionalists tend to see tea as, “comforting, creamy and sweet”, whereas modernists tend to see tea as, “healthy, colourful and sensual.” So, the rise of speciality teas is definitely bigger than ever and there have been a number of key shifts in the premium tea market. But, one thing hasn’t changed. That we love tea.  Tetley’s report says, “Enjoying a cup of tea is a staple part of most people’s day.” We agree.

Brand Spotlight: Savon Stories

To fully explain the meaning of the words, ‘raw’ to this brand means that nothing they do is heated so everything used retains a higher density of nutrition for the skin. The meaning of ‘organic botanicals’ is exactly as it sounds – plant based recipes that are sourced totally organically and are synthetic-free. Savon is the French word for “soap”, but it’s the word “stories” that really offers insight into the healing properties of the brand’s products that come from nature. The chemical information in an organic plant oil connects you to the natural world where the plant came from – so, the soil, the quality of the air, the environment, the minerals, all play a part in shaping the quality and character of that plant. For Savon Stories, this is important in how the plant will speak to your body and how these plants will benefit your skin.

The inspiration for Savon Stories came from the wisdom and character of their grandfather who lived for 115 years, with a minimal, raw diet. They describe him as “tall, generous and mild-tempered”, and he lived on a simple farmer’s diet of fresh, raw foods in small portions.

If you ask founder of Savon Stories, Moute, what the secret of her grandfather’s long life was, she would say two words: “Raw Minimalism.”

They strongly believe that this minimal consumption was one of the key reasons to his long life, and the idea of ‘Raw Minimalism’ was coined by Moute, her husband Ray and their family. It’s an old heritage and the concept of this is simple. Nurturing the best of good, green Earth and being rich with less, rather than more.

The brand was hailed from rural Morocco and West Africa, and the products are handmade in 2 workshops – one in Surrey, England, and the other in Provence, France. This allows customers to choose between English or French made products, and the items are packaged in those respective languages. All about pure botanicals, these are unheated to retain their effectiveness for enduring health and beauty and Moute uses the tools handed to her by her grandfather, creating organic soaps and products that cleanse the body’s ‘second stomach’.

With the idea of the skin being ‘a second stomach’, they took this approach when creating Savon Stories, formulating recipes and using Moute’s grandfather’s approach to create the brand. Moute, who was raised by her grandfather on the family farm, used this to handcraft organic remedies for enduring health and beauty. She always ensured she used rich and raw botanicals that were kept as close to their natural state as possible to retain all of the goodness: nutrition, purity and trueness.

With a range of products from exfoliating gloves and essential oils to face washes and lotion melts, the products are truly unique and incredible. Here are some of our favourites:

Rose Bouquet Hand & Body Wash
This floral, rich and textured Hand & Body Wash is 99% organic and 100% natural, as well as being raw and vegan. Being cold-processed means that it retains the nutrients of its oil-based recipe, making it highly moisturising and nourishing. The mixture is cured in a barrel (in a cool basement for a few weeks), making it a unique process. With essential oils of sweet & delicate rose, it creates a real aroma, reminiscent of the flower.

Chamomile Blue Oil
This organic essential oil is an ancient, distilled oil from the flowers of the plant. Perfect for skin irritations and youthful skin, the “blue” variety of the flower has a high content of ‘chamazulenze’, which enhances the oil’s strength in nourishing the skin. It’s also known to be a powerful aide for soothing anxiety and inducing a deep sleep.

Mandarin Lotion Melt
A waterless, solid lotion that’s made entirely of a mix of 8 butters and 3 essential oils, making it ideal for intensely dry, sensitive skin. It melts when massaged into the skin, delivering a surge of protective antioxidants, repairing micronutrients, hydrating fatty acids and powerful, regenerative essential oils.

Brand Spotlight: Minois Paris

All of the ingredients in Minois Paris products are of natural origin and made to the highest standards, and although specially formulated for little ones, their products can be used by adults. The smell and lovely formula make the products the perfect gift for mums-to-be or new mums.

Minois products on Bookblock Shop

They’re free from parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicone and colourings, so they respect the PH balance of little ones’ delicate skin. The formulas are so gentle that they can be used from birth onwards, and the products are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Founder Hélène Fulchi had always had children in mind when thinking of the brand she wanted to create and says:

“For a while, I’d had the idea of creating a treatment brand designed for little ones of flawless quality, with an attractive brand identity.”

She’d always been interested in creating a range of products for babies and children adapted to their skin. But, it was when her daughter Paz was born that Hélène was really inspired to kickstart her exciting new brand. “Like all mums, I felt a great sense of responsibility. I was going to have to take care of her. So I decided to create Minois Paris.” Her initial goal was clear: to offer safe and reliable products that were simple to identify and use. She wanted all products to be wrapped up in attractive packaging and be visually appealing, aimed at mums who want to pay special attention to the products they choose for their children.

One of our favourite things about the brand (other than the incredible story behind it and beautiful packaging!) is the smell and lovely formula of the products. Here’s why we’re big lovers of Minois Paris products:

Minois Light Water on Bookblock shop

Light Water
This dermatologically tested product is light yet effective. The natural, alcohol-free water is delicately perfumed, and has a fresh fragrance with floral and mineral notes. It’s used to refresh, soften and soothe the skin, and can be used on both skin and hair daily. To use, gently shake the bottle and spray liberally.

Minois Soothing Milk on Bookblock shop

Soothing Milk
The Soothing Milk by Minois Paris is a creamy lotion that delicately cleanses all facial impurities, without harming the skin. The natural formula used to create the milk contains organic blossom water, organic honey, organic shea butter, organic sweet almond oil and organic calendula, so using this leaves skin feeling clean, soft and supple. Use daily and gently apply the cleansing lotion to the entire face using a cotton pad (no need to rinse), for moisturising results.

Minois Genlte Cream on Bookblock shop

Gentle Cream
This moisturising cream is made for both face and body, and contains a mix of organic ingredients like organic shea butter and organic sweet almond oil with softening and smoothing properties. The natural formula of the Gentle Cream nourishes, protects and comforts the delicate skin of both babies and older children. Use it by warming a small amount of cream between your hands and then gently applying to the face and body.

Brand Spotlight: Nawrap

Also known as Maruyama Fiber Industry Co. Ltd, Nawrap originally manufactured traditional mosquito nets woven from cotton and hemp fabrics. But, Mosquito nets later lost their relevance in Japan and have since been adapted using traditional weaving techniques. Modern living and convenience shifted things, but the Nawrap team realised that because their material was fast-drying, lightweight and soft, it could have many other benefits and be used to create other things. So, they started to produce multi-purpose clothes and towels.

The 5 stand-out features of the brand are…

  1. Durability: The cloths are washable and dry quickly – perfect for daily use! The unique weave and multiple layers of material ensure the products remain durable.
  2. Long-lasting: Made from high quality materials, Nawrap products are made with longevity in mind.
  3. Soft texture: With these products, the more you wash them, the softer they become. After the first wash, the material quickly turns soft. No dyes, no chemicals, just beautifully soft cotton.
  4. Safe and high quality material: The products used are all carefully made from the finest high quality  materials, keeping it’s traditional weaving techniques. As the company have full control of the production process, they oversee everything from the raw materials to the final outcome.
  5. Wide range: There are a huge number of products to choose from, ranging in colour, style, size and purpose. Whether you want a green face towel for the bathroom or a coral neck towel to use at the gym, there’s plenty to choose from.

All of their products are 100% natural and organic, and their commitment to tradition forgoes modern machinery for the traditional weaving techniques, exclusive to Japan.

They create products for every room in the house, whether you’re looking for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living rooms products, all with the same high quality and durability. We’re proud to be their first UK stockist, and stock their cotton hand towels, face towels and neck towels. The absorbent, quick-drying fabric is perfect for the home. Here are some of our favourites:

Hand Towel
With a multi-layer weave, this organic cotton hand towel by Nawrap is delicate, yet durable. It’s all-natural, perfect for sensitive skin and made with no dyes or chemicals, just soft cotton. The perfect gifting option for someone who loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen.

Face Towel
For cleansing away oil and dirt, the Nawrap face towel is ideal for this. The delicate texture of the cotton used means it’s so soft and gentle on the skin. It’s the ideal gift for someone who loves using natural/organic items.

Neck Towel
This neck towel by Nawrap is soft, breathable and really absorbent, making it a pretty perfect choice for a gym towel. The all-natural towel is infused with binchotan, a traditional Japanese oak charcoal, which keeps it fresher for longer.

The Bookblock Guide To… Evenings In

For comfort and cosiness, opt for things that have a personal touch – from French chocolates to orange & cinnamon candles, here are a few options to make sure evenings indoors are a no brainer. 

A candle or two… or three
Something you can never have too many of, you can get really creative by picking a different scented candle for each room. For the bedroom, something to help get a good night’s sleep is the Bookblock Orange & Cinnamon candle, (the ultimate winter warmer!) with a comforting blend of smells and perfect for cosy nights in.

For the bathroom, something that creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere is the Viagem Candle by Earl of East, inspired by the city of Lisbon, and made with a delicate combination of coconut, oregano and fig. For the living room, something fresh – English Pear and Freesia by Älska, a heady, sweet and floral scent that has all the aromas of an English summer.

A treat all year around but especially in the colder months, this is the perfect option if someone drinks cups of tea morning, day and night. Start with the Cosmos Turquoise Mug by Porland, 100% porcelain and great for a morning brew. Then, select your tea. Teministeriet, Swedish speciality tea company have a range of unique options and are pretty much our go-to when it comes to all things tea. Opt for unique flavours like White Mulberry (a floral brew which mixes white tea, papaya, apple and mulberry for a rich aroma and smooth finish) and White Elderflower Champagne (a lightly infused tea with a blend of white tea, peach, elderflower and a drop of champagne), or pick from their holistic care range where you have ‘Relax’, ‘Digest’, ‘Boost’, and ‘Sleep’, to choose from.

Gold Clip Spoon
Next is the gold clip spoon – ideal for keeping tea (and coffee) leaves fresh, it’s the perfect blend of form and function, and doubles up as a measure. For a unique tea maker, you can’t go wrong with the glass tea maker by Teministeriet. Sleek and modern, your brew will be delicious, every time. To finish off, (and before setting up camp on the sofa for the rest of the evening), a coaster to add a pop of colour is a good addition. Opt for the set of 12 Capri-inspired coasters, double sided and finished with gold accents. The ultimate tea kit.

Smell and skin
For the skincare fanatic, it’s important to have all of the right products for cosy evenings in and there are so many pamper products to choose from. First, get the place smelling delightful with a Peppermint Grove diffuser. A gorgeous combination of wild jasmine and mint, this diffuser is sophisticated and the best part? It releases fragrances for up to 6 months so it’s perfect for keeping the place smelling fresh and vibrant all the time.

To de-stress, bath bombs are always a lovely gift. It’s something we rarely buy for ourselves unless we’re actively trying to indulge in some self-care, so for unwinding, bath time is a necessity. This lavender scented bath bomb from Meraki is both fragrant and moisturising, and it’s a definite reminder to engage in the Danish concept of hygge. Designed and developed in Denmark, Meraki creates products with a Scandinavian aesthetic with ingredients carefully selected because of their quality and natural aromas. This bath bomb contains shea butter and olive oil, so it’s the ultimate nourishment.  

Pamper gifts are only complete when you add in something solely for the skin – this No 101 Facial Cream Rich by L:A Bruket (made with all natural ingredients) is a great choice. Carrying on with that moisturising and nourishing feel, this can be used as both a day or night cream, so use this before you hop onto the sofa with a cup of the tea. It has extract of carrots to stimulate the skins production of collagen, shea butter to protect, heal and add antioxidants, and bergamot, which has an antiseptic, healing and calming effect. Ideal for evenings in.

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