A Simple Guide to Building a Thoughtful Gift Box

Have you ever opened a gift box? There’s a special kind of delight that comes with unravelling a present containing multiple elements. Needless to say, exploring the contents of a gift with more than a single inclusion can feel a lot like a humble adventure. And the knowledge that all of these items were carefully put together by your loving gift-giver can make it even more delightful to receive.

Definitely, anyone who manages to piece together a gift box that truly tickles the recipient’s fancy deserves commendation. These tricky parcels can be difficult to create, demanding a strong sense of cohesiveness, relevance, and of course, aesthetic.

If you’re thinking of building a thoughtful gift box for a wedding, a birthday, or even Valentine’s day, these simple suggestions can lead you towards gift-giving success.

Curating Appropriate Content

Perhaps the most important aspect of your gift box is its content. Oftentimes, people will struggle to identify the ideal items that go inside a box. And even if you have a rough idea of what to include, adding the proper variety can be another hurdle to overcome.

When curating the content for your gift box, there are three aspects that deserve your consideration. These are:

  • Theme
  • Personality
  • Contrast

For obvious reasons, it’s imperative that you consider the occasion the gift box is for. This should give you an idea as to which items will be relevant for your purpose. On the other hand, some inclusions might not be as apparent, but still make thoughtful additions to your gift box.

For instance, baby shower gift boxes don’t have to always contain the obvious baby essentials or maternity needs. Considering the kind of stress and achy physique that a mother with child might experience, items that focus on relaxation and release can be considerate additions.

Personality-wise, your gift should consider the unique character of your recipient. Do you know them to be energetic, lively, and vibrant? Or are they more reserved and collected? Part of the charm of a gift box is that its customized, especially put together for your beloved receiver.

Finally, contrast should add a touch of variety and dimension to your box. For example, one element for self-care, another for indulgence, and another for sensory stimulation can all come together to create a holistic box. That’s why a scented lotion, decadent chocolate, and a bag of fragrant potpourri can all work well in the same box.

gift box curation

Achieving High-End Aesthetic

Aesthetic will be a big part of the wow-factor, giving your box more oomph and making it even more delightful to unpack and explore. As a general rule, your chosen items should follow a specific aesthetic theme, using vibrant packaging of the same decorative style.

Selecting inclusions of different sizes and shapes can also make your gift more dynamic. Large scented candles paired with irregularly shaped healing crystals can create a beautiful visual, especially with other smaller trinkets filling in the gaps.

Of course, there is a limit. Sometimes, finding too many items inside a box can feel overwhelming and thus the thoughtful character is replaced by a sense of frantic, erratic guesswork. Put careful consideration into your additions and limit the items between 5 to 7, taking into account the size of your box and the extravagance of the event.

But aside from the items themselves, the way in which they’re presented inside the box can also make a big difference. Adding a tasteful backdrop for your gifts can make your box look fuller, giving a variation of texture to highlight each element it contains.

A common favorite is packing straw that creates contrast between your items’ smooth outlines and the bed on which they lay. Organic materials are always best for achieving this effect, as no one wants to pack too much unnecessary plastic for eco-conscious reasons.

aesthetic gift boxes

Closing the box is another story. Beautiful, streamlined wooden boxes with clean edges and organic grain shining through can be beautiful enough when sealed with a satin ribbon. Of course, a closed box can also enhance feelings of excitement, which is a typical goal in gift giving.

However, there are more ways to present a gift box than to simply hand it over closed. Some givers enjoy presenting with the concept of abundance, deliberately using a smaller box packed with items that seem to overflow just a little beyond its outlines. Then the lid is placed underneath the box, and the whole gift is wrapped in mesh or cellophane to give the recipient a clear view of the items from the get-go.

Ultimately, choosing whether to close or open your box depends on your preference and the event you’re celebrating. More intimate, formal gatherings like bridal showers and weddings might warrant a more discreet gift box.

Determining the Proper Cost

The subtle beauty of a gift box is that it’s often impossible to tell how much it costs. That’s because they allow you the leverage of presentation, making affordable items look far more elite simply by the way they’re packed together.

Even then, it would be appropriate to consider the cost of the gift box as a whole to ensure it’s befitting for the occasion. Naturally, weddings will warrant gift boxes of greater cost and more luxurious contents, incorporating his and her elements, or items for the couple to enjoy together.

More affordable gift boxes for birthdays can be more casual and cost-efficient, incorporating visually pleasing elements that don’t necessarily have to push the limits of your budget.

organic gift boxes

A Delicate Art

The careful process of piecing together a gift box that’s well thought-out, visually enchanting, and relevant to your recipient can be a daunting task. These dynamic gifts take more time and deliberate effort, requiring your awareness of your loved one’s personal taste and needs, and your ability to create something that’s stimulating to the senses.

The next time you find yourself in a position to offer a gift box, make sure it counts. Follow these steps to build your own box, or visit Bookblock for tastefully crafted gift boxes for every season and occasion you might need them for.