Terms & Conditions

Customisation Printing for Bookblock Products

Full artwork specifications for each product are available on our website, or from your account manager.

If you require help with your artwork, a charge of £35 per hour will be added to your invoice.

Whilst every effort is made to supply the exact quantity of printed merchandise ordered, an allowance up to 5% must be made for over and under-runs, even if a customer’s order states that there are to be no quantity over or under runs.

It is not possible to produce an exact quantity for custom orders.

1. Possible file formats


Please send your artwork either as PDF, TIF or JPG file. Please send your artwork in chronological order either as PDF, TIF or JPG file, starting with the first page (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.).

You can have 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 tipped in pages, available in the front or rear of our notebooks.

Custom Printed Books

For this product please create your artwork as multipage PDF file. JPG and TIF files can be converted for an additional charge.

A book block / inner pages can comprise any number of pages. A book block is made up of sections, which tend to be made of either 16 or 32 pages for the added strength of each section, however the lowest is 4 pages per section.

The most popular page lengths are as follows; 128, 144, 160, 174, 192, 208, 224, 240.

Your files must be split into the following formats;

Front cover (if necessary)

Back cover (if necessary)

Front Endpapers (maximum 4 pages)

Inner book block / inner pages

Back Endpapers (maximum 4 pages)

2. Artwork created with image editing programmes

Artwork that has been created with an image editing programme such as Photoshop can only be sent as TIF or JPG file. Furthermore, please also observe the following:

– reduce to background layer
– no alpha channels
– no clipping paths

– reduce to background layer
– alpha channels are not allowed
– clipping paths are not allowed
– save without compression, pixel array interleaved

– only use standard JPG format, e.g. not JPG 2000
– save with maximum quality and baseline (standard)


You can upload single files as well as a multipage PDF file.

PDF files have to correspond to PDF/X-3:2002 standard. Please observe the following requirements:

– PDF version must be 1.3
– transparancies are not allowed
– transparency reduction must be chosen in such way that text and vectors are not converted into image data. (specification: high quality/resolution; the term can vary from software to software)
– coloured tiles/tiled patterns are not allowed
– comments and form fields are not allowed
– encodings (e.g. password protection) are not allowed
– OPI-comments are not allowed
– transfer curves are not allowed
– an Output-Intent has to be specified

In addition to the PDF/X-3:2002 standard settings please also note:

– convert all fonts to curves and paths, or embed them
– layers are not allowed
– do not rotate your PDF file

Additional information regarding PDF/X-3:2002 can be found on www.pdfx3.org.

3. Artwork format/Bleed

  • Please create your artwork according to the respective data/proof sheet
  • Print artwork must be supplied with a 3mm Bleed
  • A TrimBox (finished format frame) in a PDF file is identified during placement and is positioned centric
  • Allow safety area for any objects or text as indicated in the data sheet
  • Please do not create folding or cutting marks within the artwork format



4. Resolution

  • 300 dpi for all items



5. Colour – All artworks Grey scales or CMYK unless otherwise stated

Colour mode

CMYK or grey scales, 8 Bit/Channel. All colour print artwork must be supplied as a print ready pdf converted to CMYK colours.

If files are not supplied as CMYK, a one-off charge of £35 / $50 can be levied for conversion where possible. Alternatively, you can resubmit the artwork free of charge.

Please note; conversion to CMYK will not always create the same results as a file made with spot colours or RGB. Bookblock cannot be held responsible if there are colour discrepencies due to incorrect artwork being submitted or subsequent conversion, nor is it Bookblock’s responsibility to check the file settings in artwork on behalf of the client.
Minimum colour saturation

With a colour saturation of less than 10% the colour can appear very light when printed. 10% yellow appear lighter than 10% cyan.
Special colours

Do not create spot and special colours for full colour products, as well as no alternative colour spaces in CMYK, as this ultimately leads to misinterpretations in colouring.


6. How to create black

Black and grey objects

like e.g. fonts or lines must always be created in pure black. Any colours will result in higher costs added to the client.

cyan 0%, magenta 0%, yellow 0%, black 60%
cyan 0%, magenta 0%, yellow 0%, black 100%
Deep black – only on 4 colour printing

For black areas a deep black can be achieved by adding colour components.
Example: cyan 60%, magenta 40%, yellow 20%, black 100%

Colour components can be added until the maximum colour saturation is reached.
This is not recommendable for fonts and lines, because inaccurancies can occur.


7. Type sizes/Line widths

Type sizes of less than 6 pt should be avoided.
General line widths (please take note of the following specifications):

  • Positive lines (dark lines on bright background) a width of at least 0.25 pt (0.09 mm) should be used.
  • Negative lines bright lines on dark background) a line width of at least 0.5 pt (0.18 mm) should be used.

Also when minimizing a graphic please make sure that the lines do not turn out too thin.
Gold- and silver colours

Line width of design lines: at least 1 pt (0.4 mm)
Flat hot foil stamping

Create type size with at least 14 pt; the thinnest type line must be at least 1 mm thick
Create line width with at least 3 pt (1.06 mm)


Customisation for Bookblock Products

1. Branding Die-Stamps for Debossing and Foiling

Artwork for Branding Dies: When supplying artwork for company branding logos a digital sharp black/white 1:1 is the minimum requirement. Editable EPS, .AI or .PDF file are our preferred formats.

Branding Position: If no position is stated we shall block where we consider it is to the best advantage at our absolute discretion.

If a special die-size / position is required exact measurements must be supplied – if a die-size / position differs slightly from a visual proof and no measurements have been given, we cannot be held responsible.

Tolerances: A tolerance of 2-3mm is required due to movement in the board, and when the case is wrapped around the spine.

Change of Logo: If a die-stamp has been ordered and paid for, we will charge for the first die-stamp, and for a second die-stamp to be manufactured.

Repeat Use of Branding Logo: We hold all die-stamps on file for 18 months. Provided we have the die-stamp available, no additional charge will be made for the die-stamp.


2. Digital Proofs

Proofs of all work may be submitted for customer’s approval and Bookblock shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the customer if proofs are so submitted. Sign-off is required on proofs for production to go ahead, otherwise logo style, type or layout will be at Bookblock’s absolute discretion.

If the customer does not provide written sign-off, the last proof submitted shall be used in production, unless the customer explicitly rejects the proof for a previous one in writing.

If a special die size / position is required exact measurements must be supplied – if a die size / position differs slightly from a visual proof and no measurements have been given, we cannot be held responsible.

Additional charges may be made for any additional proofs that are required as a result of alterations required by the customer. When style, type or layout is left to the Bookblock’s discretion, any subsequent changes to such style, type or layout required by the customer may be subject to additional charges on a time and materials basis.


Production Times for Bookblock Products

Off-the-shelf (less than 500)

Items manufactured in the UK generally take up to 10 working days. These items include Castellis, Moleskine and Monsieur Notebook. Express orders must be agreed upon in advance. This only applies to orders of 500 or less.


Custom Products and Orders of more than 500

We require 15-25 working days for most orders up to 5000 units.

Production times for custom products varies depending on the size and complexity of the order and the time of year. Production, for any order placed with Bookblock, begins once the receipt of complete order information is received, subject to the approval of proofs.

If payment of deposit or full sum is required prior to manufacture, receipt of this payment will be the new date where Production starts, provided all proofs have been approved prior to payment.

We shall do everything we can to meet agreed delivery dates but we will not be held responsible nor accept any liabilities should the dates not be met. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible if freight companies/customs houses take extra time to deliver/release goods that is out of our control.


Delivery Address

Delivery addresses MUST be supplied with the order. If no delivery address is provided Bookblock will automatically ship the goods to the address on the Invoice without prior notification.


Sampling Charges for Bookblock Products

A debossed or foiled stock finished sample costs £75 ex VAT, £35 of which is refunded against final order.

A fully finished printed sample costs £300.00 (this is subject to change as per design specification). It is not always possible to Pantone-match for samples. At our discretion we may use the closest stock material for sampling.

All samples take up to 14 days to manufacture.