Packaging Box Shapes

Box Shapes

We have a library of templates ready for you to use. Our team can also help you design a box if you need it for something special. Here’s a small selection of what’s on offer.

Mailer Boxes

If you need your items to get from A to B in style, a full colour printed clam-shell box in two-ply E-flute corrugated board is probably your best bet. This box provides the perfect balance between style and strength.

Shipping Boxes

Kraft shipping boxes have one job and one job only, to make sure your products reach their destination in one piece. But whilst they’re doing that, you can also make sure they look the part with one or two colour printing, so the receiver knows what’s in the box.

Card Envelopes

If you’re sending small items and they need to fit through a letterbox, what better than an envelope to send them in? Our card envelopes are made from a thick rigid board of
350-700 gsm depending on the strength required.

Gable Boxes

Perfect for a box for take out at food venues, or gift boxes at parties, these little boxes come with a handle built into the roof. Suited to card and corrugated depending on the weight of the items inside, these boxes can be designed to suit any occasion.


Traditionally made from card, cartons are the first line of defence surrounding a product on a shop-shelf. They also tend to have the most information about the product inside, and are thus seen as an extension of the product itself.

Die-Cut Packaging

For an extra special touch we can cut shapes into your box, which can then be filled in with acetate or left bare. This creates a window into the box where otherwise there would not have been. Whether patterns, words or window, this can make sure your products aren’t locked away.

Promotional Boxes

If the most important thing about your box is to promote your brand, we have lots of options to make your company shine. You can print in full colour on many of our boxes, and on others your logo can stand out strong with effects such as foiling and debossing.

Wine Boxes

A favourite gift since the beginning of time, a bottle of wine or two is rarely turned down. We can create a box with inserts to separate two bottles for transit, and your design on the outside let’s the receiver know who to thank.

Notebook Boxes

If you’re shipping books or printed material sometimes an envelope isn’t smart enough, or you’re looking for something with added protection for going overseas. We can provide trays for your books, wraparounds and shallow boxes.

Presentation Boxes

Not all boxes are designed to be bashed about. If the contents are extra important, the packaging has to match. Presentation boxes can be made with luxury bookbinding materials and hand finished to a high standard.

Gift Boxes

The packaging often makes the gift, and with our help you can make your protective box work just like wrapping paper. The unboxing experience can be almost as good as using the product inside.

Sleeve Packaging

If the box protecting your goods is a little ugly there’s a solution… simply print a sleeve or wrap to hide it. Like a new lick of paint on a worn-out wall, your packaging is given a new lease of life!