Kristen Boydstun


Elegant illustrations transporting us to a serene, dreamy world

Kristen Boydstun transports us to a peaceful beach to find the waves crashing against our toes. With a subtle vintage aesthetic, Kristen creates a land of soft colours and atmosphere through a subtlety of line and tone. Like her love for travel, we are happily taken around a dreamland of beaches, waters and coasts.

Coming from a scientific background, we can see the parallels between these two worlds Kristen has worked in as she carefully selects compositions, forms, tones and colours to great effect. A self taught illustrator, Kristen’s style is influenced by her love of travel and French films of the 1950s and 1960s, creating a nostalgic and atmospheric feel.

I like to incorporate handmade textures to add some life into my work, such as ink splatter or watercolor

Kristen Boydstun