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Customization & Customisation

Personalisation & customisation has been gaining momentum over the last couple of years with new technologies enabling the printing and distribution of personalised & custom made products and marketing across many sectors. We are now in an age that is populated by a need to push back against the digital era by those wanting a unique and personalised experience when it comes to brands. Here we take a look at some of the brands and concepts leading the field in customised products


Newspaper Club offer short runs of newspapers ustilising the machinery and process they have for the quieter days so individuals can print their own newspapers. They have never stopped innovating – updates to their site every year responding to what users are asking for both in functionality and in services and due to the great quality product and the creative users they work with and who use their service there growth as been steady since their launch in 2009.


NIKEiD is a service provided by Nike allowing customers to personalize and design their own Nike merchandise. They offer online services as well as physical NIKEiD studios in different countries around the world. Launched initially in 2012 it has grown in popularity and range from only 82 differnt materials and colours there are now 100’s to choose from and you can even take a photo send it in and they can use technology they have developed to create a trained based on the key colours in the image.


Shoes of Prey is essentially the female oriented version of NikeiD several shoes styles to choose from and customise with a huge array of materials really tapping into that female fashion market. A shoe for every occasion and every outfit. The company is one of many customisation companies that were formed in Australia. Formed in 2009, Shoes of Prey was able to expand into the USA and European market after receiving a second wave of investment, confirming the global appetite for completely customisable products.