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Printed Inserts

An easy way of including company information with lower minimums and lead-times, and without having to print a whole book of your own. Minimum 100+

Sometimes your logo is not enough to express everything about your brand and company. If this is the case, we have a few different options available to you.

Tipped-In Pages

A tip-in page is essentially a printed page glued into the book at the spine, to act as just like a bound in page. We cut these down to size, and trim off the round corners. Each tip-in is applied by hand for a seamless look.

We can add up to 12 pages to the front or back of the book. This gives you plenty of room for full-page pictures, for text and further brand information, or indeed for timetables of events coming up. Aside from full-colour printing, we can also tip-in pages using fine art paper stocks.



For a simple option, we have had blackout labels specially die-cut to fit our Monsieur Notebooks. These are an ivory colour to match our endpapers, and stick to the inside cover of our notebooks. They can be fully digitally printed, though we recommend keeping it simple and using these for text. You can add individual names to each of these labels.

Pricing:What are the costs of Printed Inserts?

Printed Inserts cost around £1.50 or $2 per Notebook. But the more you order the cheaper it gets. This column presents some average costs of an A5 Custom journal with Printed Inserts.

50 Notebooks£550 or $825
100 Notebooks£1,000 or $1,500
250 Notebooks£2,125 or $3,250
500 Notebooks£3,750 or $5,500
1000 Notebooks£6,550 or $9,500
5000 Notebooks£26,500 or $40,00