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A great place to store receipts, stubs and souvenirs. Many books have pockets as standard, others as an optional extra.

Would you like a pocket in your notebook?

Many of our notebooks provided as off-the-shelf options come with a pocket at the back of the notebook. These include the Moleskine hard cover and soft cover notebooks, and Castelli Tucsons.

If you require a pocket in any of the Monsieur Notebook options please let us know, and these can be provided for a small extra cost.

Notebooks where pockets are not provided as standard are Monsieur Notebooks, GF Smith Wirebound books and custom made cahiers, passports or pamphlets.


Different Types of Pocket

The standard pocket found in a Moleskine is in the form of an envelope (secured on 3 sides) with a concertina fold at the top and bottom of the book. This allows you to securely hold papers that would otherwise fall out the book, or end up in a your clothing pockets.

If you want yournotebooksto appeal to people in the world of work, you may want to consider a business card holder. These can be put at the front of the book in the inside cover, across all brands.

If you are custom manufacturing a book you may choose a folder or triangle style pocket. This is only secured on 2 sides, allowing easier access to larger papers, or information booklets that you may wish to include with your product.