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Full Colour Logo

If your logo has two or more colours, this is the option for you. Don't stop short at logos, full colour images work great as well on any cover!

Using UV Digital Printing Techniques

UV Digital Printing (Full Colour Logo) allows for an effect similar to that of screenprinting, except on much shorter runs (minimum 50). A special UV eco-solvent ink is printed onto the face of the notebook in a large formatflat-bed printer. Much like your desktop printer at home, we can blend all the different colours used in the CMYK spectrum.


The ink is then dried under UV light, meaning that there is no drying time. We prefer to use this method on our leather notebooks, as it allows for more detail compared to Screen Printing, and is more cost effective over shorter runs.

This customization method is perfect for colourful logos and is great for bringing your brand to life.

Pricing: What are the costs of Full color Logos?

Full Color Printing costs around £3.50 or $5 per Notebook. But the more you order the cheaper it gets. This column presents some average costs of an A5 custom journal with a full color printed logo.

50 Notebooks£650 or $1000
100 Notebooks£1200 or $1800
250 Notebooks£2625 or $4000
500 Notebooks£4500 or $6750
1000 Notebooks£8500 or $12500
5000 Notebooks£32500 or $5000