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Binding Methods

To ensure your customized journal is exactly the way you want it. Bookblock have invested in the latest machinery to ensure we can bind your notebook in multiple ways.

Hard Cover

The classic style of notebook, with a solid hard case which projects the edges of notebook, the case comes in three parts: Front, Back and Spine all parts of the case can be branded. We can even add details such as cut outs, French spine grooves and metal tags.

Hard cover notebooks are extremely versatile, they can come in any shape and size, can have round or square corners and all of our cover materials can be used on hard cover notebooks everything from our book cloth to our luxury leathers. We can even combine materials to add cloth colored spines or various different textures over the notebook, either in half bound or quarter bound styles.

Soft Back

Whilst being very similar to our hard back notebooks, the soft binding allows the notebooks to be rolled up and or stuffed in a bag, being a bit lighter than a hard back notebook these are coming increasingly popular.

Soft bound books can come in either faux or real leather, they can have a clean cut edge or a slight lip to protect the edges of the book. As with hard back journals we can make these in any size or shape and can come with either round or square corners.

Soft back notebooks can also be half-bound allowing you to mix materials, colors and textures.

Semi Flexible

Similar to hard case binding, although we use a much thinner board to make the cover, this gives a firm yet flexible style of notebook. This type of binding is perfect for our luxury leather journals and notebooks as over time the leather will from a lovely patina as the journal is used.

We suggest using this type of binding for our leather and faux leather notebooks only, but with hundreds of colors, textures and the ability to pantone match we can always match your brands colors.

Ring bound and Spiral bound

Either using metal or plastic we can bind spiral and ring bound notebooks and journals, ideal for sketching and note taking, allowing you to remove pages without damaging the notebook.

We have a huge range of metal and plastic colors in stock and on larger orders we can even pantone match. As one of the most flexible styles of binding we can use any of our cover materials to make ring and spiral bound books with either round or square corners.



Other forms of binding

Brass book screws – Brass post and book screws are perfect for binding Guest books, pilot log books, ship log books and game books. They allow for you to quickly and simple change pages, add pages and remove pages for archiving. These are made by our hand bindery in the UK using time honed skills and traditional methods. As these books are designed to last we suggest only using leather or our leatherette covering materials to ensure our handcrafted books stand the tests of time.

Ring binder – Ring binding is an extremely useful style of binding allowing

Perfect bound / Volant –

Saddle stitched – A simple but effective way of binding using metal staples, we can bind either card or faux leather covering materials to ensure we can meet any design requirements. As standard we have six colors of staple in stock but for larger orders we can pantone match to your brand colors.

Sewn- A beautiful way to bind a simple sketch book, with the thread exposed along the spine we can match brand colors and use multiple colors of thread to bind our faux leather and card cover materials to create a simple notebook with a lovely feel.

Coptic binding- A unique style of binding which keeps the binding thread exposed allowing everyone to see the quality of the thread binding. We can use any color thread and most of our cover materials to match brand colors.

Cloth bound

Cloth bound we can half bind any style of notebook to an a unique section of cloth to add colour and texture to a notebook