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Notebook Belly Bands

Combined with shrink-wrap, belly bands are the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your notebook, and why not present them in a luxury box.

Belly bands or wraps make for the perfect finishing touch for your notebooks. Every premium brand has their notebook belly bands for retail, explaining their brand, so its only right that this is the same for your brands notebooks.

Choosing a band that features your brand prominently, especially as these can be completed with full-colour printing, will leave the customer with the best impression. You can choose a colour that contrasts with the notebook itself, or that complements some of its features.

Custom Belly Band Debossed Journal

Each band can be fully customised with individual names, logos or indeed designs. Each is printed and cut to size in-house, which means that they can go through a high level of customisation.

Our belly bends wrap around the book and tuck in inside the covers. You can choose the width of your bellyband, and whether they run horizontally, or vertically.

Pricing: What are the costs of Belly Bands?

Belly Bands Cost around £1 or $1.5 per Notebook. But the more you order the cheaper it gets. This column presents some average costs of an A5 customised Moleskine with a Belly Band.

50 Notebooks£500 or $750
100 Notebooks£900 or $1,350
250 Notebooks£2,000 or $3,000
500 Notebooks£3,500 or $5,250
1000 Notebooks£6,000 or $9,000
5000 Notebooks£25,000 or $37,500